These USB C Hubs are all you need for your laptop or tablet

Concentrating multiple possibilities

On some occasion we have told you about the USB C HUB, an accessory that has gone from being a necessary annoyance to an essential that is increasingly valued in the day-to-day life of many users.

And it is that these concentrators are not only offering a greater variety of connections and improvements in the different standards that they support, also new features that make them something much more useful. So much so that when you start to see the new proposals that appear on the market, you feel much more attracted to them.

The latest models, as you may have noticed if you read us regularly, are beginning to incorporate ports that not only allow high-speed data transfer, but also the power to charge different devices with higher than average power requirements and units of SSD storage.

The latter is possibly the most interesting, because now you can start to obtain benefits by having different connections in the same product and, in addition, a unit that will help you expand the capacity of your laptop and on which you can work without being depleted performance. The latter for those who are dedicated to video issues is very important.

Here are some of these more interesting USB C vitamin HUBs we’ve come across, but the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Gadgehub, a GaN charger with hub and SSD

One of the first devices that we have tested and that follows this idea of ​​offering something more than a simple USB C HUB is this model of Gadgehub. A proposal that, yes, has a somewhat more considerable size. Such dimensions are justified because it includes inside a GaN charger.

This proposal is, as we say, the only thing that you would have to take with your laptop or even tablet with USB C when you left home and you would not need any other type of Hub or charger for your devices. And, in addition, it also includes a slot to install M.2 NVMe SSDs.

All the connections it offers are:

  • 2.5 Gbps ethernet connection
  • SD UHS II card reader
  • Four 5Gbps USB 3.1 connections (1 x USB A and 3 x USB C)
  • One DP 1.4 connection for connection of displays at 4K resolution at 60Hz
  • M.2 NVMe and NGFF SSD slot
  • Built-in GaN charger with up to 100W output

As a solution that combines in a single product everything you would need to work mobility is very interesting. The only thing to keep in mind is that the three USB C ports offer different power output. That is, starting from USB A with its 7.5W, the first USB C reaches 80W, the second 20W and the third 5W.

ACASIS: SSD and HUB 10 in 1

The Acasis device is possibly one of our favorites, a product of fairly compact dimensions and with a set of more than interesting connections. All this in an aluminum body that not only gives it greater resistance over time, but also better cooling when it is used intensively, which is its main attraction: the option of adding M.2 SSDs.

Thus, the set offers all these connections:

  • SD and microSD card reader
  • 3.5mm audio output that doubles as a microphone input
  • USB C 3.1 connection
  • Two USB A 3.1 Gen2 and 3.0 connectors
  • USB C connection to computer or table
  • USB C Power Delivery connection with up to 100W of power
  • HDMI 4K @ 60Hz output
  • Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet connection

All this in a size that is little larger than a credit card and with high-quality finishes. Also, the M.2 SSDs it supports can be of different sizes and use both NVMe and SATA interface.

MINIX Neo, Hub and 240GB SSD

Another option, this time somewhat more modest due to the type of SSD it integrates, is the MINIX Neo Storage. This USB C Hub also includes a flash storage drive already included 240 GB. It is true that it may be insufficient capacity for what type of uses, but for occasional backups, temporary data storage and for the use of users who do not dedicate photography and video it can be attractive.

As for the connections, this is what it includes:

  • USB C connection for charging only (does not transfer data)
  • HDMI output at 4K and 30Hz
  • Two USB A 3.0

As you can see, there are more models than the previous ones, but if the needs are lower and you are interested in not having to buy the SSD unit separately, it may be a good option. And it can be purchased on Amazon.

Satechi hub plus SSD for Mac mini

Finally, this is the most recent model of all the ones we have seen, a Satechi USB C Hub that expands the connections of the small Apple desktop, that fits perfectly in design issues when stacked as a dock and that includes a slot for SSD units with which to expand the available storage.


  • SD and micro SD reader
  • 3.5mm audio out
  • USB C connection for data transfer
  • Three USB A connectors
  • M.2 SATA SSD slot

This is not a solution for mobility like the previous ones, but it is the most aesthetic for users of the Mac mini Apple of 2018 or the new ones with an M1 processor and with a price that will be around 99 euros.

The evolution of hubs

There is no doubt that USB C hubs or hubs are evolving in a way that we did not see at the beginning when they began to appear, but that is much appreciated right now. Because it is evident that among mobile phones, tablets and ultra books with this type of USB C connection increasingly established (finally) having such a versatile solution greatly improves the experience.

However, the most positive thing is that they facilitate and improve comfort because within the annoyance of carrying more gadgets it is better to do it with a more complete one like these to carry different “mijititas” that end up saturating the backpack or bag that we carry daily to the point of resembling May Poppins’ purse.

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