These USB flash drives are on sale at their minimum price

Before the advent of cloud storage, the most common method of getting our files from here to there was to use a pen drive. However, today, they have ceased to make sense, at least for the use that was initially given to them, since the storage capacity has been expanded considerably, becoming, at present, ideal devices for backing up, install boot systems or expand the storage space of our equipment, without forgetting to share large files. At Amazon we have at our disposal a wide variety of flash drives at about prices that we can not miss.

Before buying a flash drive, just like a hard drive, we not only have to look at the price and buy the cheapest option, but we also have to take into account the manufacturer of the device since, depending on which one, we will have a guarantee that our data they will not be lost at the first change. If we talk about quality pen drive or SSD manufacturers, the first brand that comes to mind is SanDisk. Precisely from this manufacturer, at Amazon we have at our disposal three flash drives with storage of 128, 256 and 512 GB with discounts of up to 67%.

128GB SanDisk USB Flash Drive

The 128 GB SanDisk flash drive, with a transfer rate of up to 150 MB/s, as long as we connect it to a USB 3.0 or higher port, has a usual price of 41.90 euros. However, today, we can find it on Amazon with a 67% discount, its final price being only 14.04 euros

256GB SanDisk USB

flash drive

If with 128 GB we know that we are going to fall short or if we want to have enough space to make backup copies without problems, we can opt for the 256 GB model, a model that has a 50% discount, with a final price of 31.25 eurosprice that drops from 62.90 euros.

512GB SanDisk flash drive

But if both the 128 and 256 GB flash drives fall short in terms of space, and we are looking for a flash drive that allows us to store a large amount of data, we also have the 512 GB model at our disposal, a price that has a price of 111.99 euros, and that currently has a discount of 22%, so its final price remains at only 86.80 euros.

All these models have a transfer rate of up to 150 Mb/s, a speed 15 times higher than USB 2.0 memories, as long as we connect them to a USB 3.1 port, since, otherwise, we will have to settle for speed usual transfer. All these models are available with one-day shipping and, if we don’t like it, or it doesn’t meet our needs, we will be able to return it without any problem. until January 31, 2023.

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