These websites help you make a winning pool

The pool is not one of the most succulent prizes of all those offered by the State Lottery and Betting organization to earn extra money betting, always responsibly, since, unlike the Primitiva, Bonoloto, Euromillions and others, it is much simpler because the number of variables is much smaller. However, you have to have certain knowledge such as the position in the table, the history of confrontations, if a new coach has been released, and, unless we are football fans, much of that information that can get out of hand.

If we want to have many more opportunities to hit the pool and earn a few extra euros, the best thing we can do is use one of the different web pages that will help us in this task, websites like the ones we show you below.

Eduardo Losilla

The Eduardo Losilla website is not only one of the oldest websites for making any type of online bet, but it also allows us to access all the information that we may need when making our winning bets. From its website, we can access not only the updated classification at all times, both in the first and second division, but also, we can also access the streaks of games won, tied, lost, without winning, without drawing and without losing.

We can also access the calendars of the next matches, make comparisons and find out what prizes we can win depending on the number of hits. We can also aim the Peña 1×2 and carry out multiple bets so you have many more chances to win.

The Quinielista

Another interesting option that we have at our disposal to place bets in the pool is found in El Quinielista. Through this website, we can access the estimates of the sports results of the upcoming league matches and place our bets online, without having to go to an authorized establishment. We can also make multiple, combinatory bets in addition to knowing the sports results of each day.



Whether we want to make single or multiple bets, either individually or through a club, Hispaloto is one of the best options currently available for online pools. Through this website, we can access the estimates of the next meetings based on their previous league and historical results. In addition to allowing us to make single, multiple and reduced bets, it also allows us to make conditional bets.

From Hispaloto we can access a large number of clubs where we can sign up to make bets together and the number of chances of winning is much higher than if we try our luck with one or two bets. Like the other options that we have mentioned, we can also participate in the Bonoloto, La Primitiva, Euromillions among others.

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