These will be the prices in Europe of the Samsung Neo QLED televisions of 2022

The wait has been eternal, but we already know the price that the Samsung Neo QLED televisions of 2022 will have when they land in Europe. After knowing its release date, we now know how much they will cost in Spain.

Samsung presented its new LCD televisions during CES 2022, and while some of the models will have prices higher than those of the past 2021, there will be others with lower prices in comparison. Samsung’s high-end LCD televisions are known by the name “Neo QLED”, and the new models of this 2022 have practically the same screen and video technology as those of the past 2021, so below we leave you with the changes that arrive in the new models.

A new QN90B model with a 43-inch diagonal will arrive in Europe, and your starting price will be somewhat lower. In contrast, miniLED-based LCD TVs will continue to command higher prices in all regions.

Prices of the Samsung Neo QLED of 2022

And this is not all, well Samsung also plans to release revamped versions of The Serif and The Frame, in addition to the first QD-OLED televisions, although for the moment we will have to wait until we have more data.

The new LCD televisions of this 2022 from Samsung will hit the market from the months of March and April, depending on the model and its size. Next, we leave you with the information on the prices of each of these.

Among the most outstanding novelties we find Mini LED panels improved by incorporating 14-bit HDR mapping. This technology manages to offer more detail in dark and bright scenes. Besides, the Quantum Matrix Technology Pro technology (which precisely controls the Mini LEDs) is now noticeably more precise thanks to the new Neural Processor with Artificial Intelligence. As indicated by the Seoul-based company, its 20 neural networks enhance the image with an amazing level of detail.

On the other hand, the acoustic section also improves since the new Samsung Neo QLED of 2022 have multidirectional speakers and, for the first time, with Dolby Atmos technology and up to 90W, which translates into a sound that improves significantly compared to to their predecessors. Many of the user complaints had to do with this section, so it is excellent news. Lastly, noor we could forget about Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), which directs the sound so that it moves around the room along with the object on the screen. This allows the sound to be located in the exact place of the action.

Samsung QN85B: 4K LCD, mini-LED FALD

  • 55 inches for 1900 euros
  • 65 inches for 2500 euros
  • 75 inches for 3400 euros
  • 85 inches for 5000 euros

Samsung QN90B: 4K LCD, mini-LED FALD

  • 43 inches for 1500 euros
  • 50 inches for 1800 euros
  • 55 inches for 2100 euros
  • 65 inches for 2800 euros
  • 75 inches for 3900 euros
  • 85 inches for 5600 euros

Samsung QN95B: 4K LCD, mini-LED FALD

  • 55 inches for 2600 euros
  • 65 inches for 3500 euros
  • 75 inches for 4700 euros
  • 85 inches 6400 euros

Samsung QN700B: 8K LCD, mini-LED FALD

  • 55 inches for 2800 euros
  • 65 inches for 3700 euros
  • 75 inches for 4800 euros

Samsung QN800B: 8K LCD, miniLED FALD.

  • 65 inches for 4200 euros
  • 75 inches for 5700 euros
  • 85 inches for 8000 euros

Samsung QN900B: 8K LCD, mini-LED FALD

  • 65 inches for 5700 euros
  • 75 inches for 7700 euros
  • 85 inches for 1100 euros

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