These would be the Intel ARC Alchemist graphics that could be launched

We have said it many times, we want Intel gaming graphics cards to be a palpable reality that we can install in our computer to test their performance and give a little life to the often boring duopoly between NVIDIA and AMD. The latest information that has been leaked? well the Intel ARC Alchemist models for desktop PCs.

At the moment, the only mention we have of the Intel ARC Alchemist in the form of a traditional graphics card is an image published by Intel itself in its presentation last March. Its final launch is expected in the summer and also that at that time the different models created by the graphics card manufacturers will be revealed. Who are the ones that also make motherboards with Intel chipsets. So the relationship between the company headed right now by Pat Gelsinger and his partners is the same as the one AMD has with them.

Taking into account that at the moment they are focusing on the versions for laptops, it is normal that given Intel’s launch planning that the information on the models for tower PCs arrives with a dropper. However, there are leaks about the different models of the Intel ARC Alchemist for desktop and they do not seem to be the same as for laptops.

7 would be the models of ARC Alchemist graphics cards for PC

When Intel introduced their ARC Alchemist almost a month ago, what they did was show the following slide to talk about the different levels of performance that were part of the range:

However, these models correspond to the version for laptops and according to the leaker Komachi Ensaka we could see a total of seven ARC Alchemist models in graphics card form, some of them would have a 1:1 correlation with the models for laptops. Although we expect a higher clock speed from the moment that in a desktop computer, there are not the limitations in terms of cooling and consumption that there are in a laptop.

Komachi Models ARC Alchemist

The ARC A770 and ARC A750 would have the same GPU and therefore with the most powerful configuration. The difference would be in the capacity of the GDDR6 memory chips used. These ARC Alchemist models are expected to use the reference model that Intel has already shown us. Refering to ARC A780, we do not believe that it is a new chip, but a binning of it. That is, a version that can reach higher clock speeds and would have a somewhat higher consumption. We must highlight the fact that we do not see the A730 model anywhere.


Now if we go to the bottom of the table, and leaving aside the A580, we have the A380, A350 and A310 that will have configurations with 8, 6 and 4 Xe-Cores respectively, but all of them are based on the same chip. In terms of performance, they will be placed to compete head-to-head against the AMD RX 6500 and the NVIDIA RTX 3050. However, we do not yet know its reference model.

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