These Xiaomi headphones have noise cancellation and an incredible discount

Leaving aside the Asian brands that very few people know about, the number of options is considerably reduced, Xiaomi being one of the best options on the market, whether we are looking for headphones with noise cancellation, with great autonomy, and, of course, without no type of cables that tie us to the computer. Currently at Amazon we have at our disposal interesting offers on wireless headphones that satisfy any need.

Xiaomi REDMI True Buds 3 Air

The Xiaomi Redmi True Buds 3 are headphones that include an active noise cancellation system, although this is only available in calls, preventing any background noise from distracting our conversation. This model, available in white and with a design that reminds us a lot of Apple AirPods, has a range of up to 20 hours using the charging case.

Xiaomi REDMI True Buds 3 Air

They use Bluetooth 5.2, weigh 4.5 grams each of the headphones and include a fast charging system that in just 10 minutes allows us to enjoy up to 1.5 hours of playback. The autonomy of these headphones is not the same if we use it only to listen to music as if we also use it to make calls.

The price of this model is 39.99 euros, but, after applying the 25% discount, the final price of these headphones remains at only 29.99 euros.

Other more complete options

Another interesting option that we also have at our disposal through Xiaomi, we find it in the Redmi Buds 4 model. Unlike version 4, this model does include a active noise cancellation which is not only available on calls, but also when we are listening to our favorite music.

The headphones have a range of up to 6 hours and a total of 30 using the charging case, a white case. This model is the Spanish version, so we won’t have any problems configuring it both on our PC and on our mobile or tablet and it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 possible stars after receiving more than 600 ratings .

The usual price of this model is 59.99 euros, a price that remains at just 39.99 euros after applying a discount of 33%.

Another interesting option, far from the Xiaomi exosystem, is found in the JBL Tune Flex, headphones with active noise cancellation and IPX4 resistance, ideal for use while doing any kind of sport. This model offers us a range of up to 8 hours per charge with a total of 24 hours. This model is available on Amazon for 90.83 euros, which represents a 9% discount on its usual price.

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