They are already here! Apple launches the third public beta of iOS and iPadOS 16

The Cupertino company does not stop launching betas, if yesterday we told you about the news that beta 5 of iOS 16 brought, today we have to tell you that Apple has already published the public betas, worth the redundancy of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, with their respective news. Keep reading as we tell you everything you need to know about it.

You have to differentiate very well the public betas from the betas for developers, since these usually have some differences, especially when it comes to offering a much more satisfactory experience to users. The betas for developers, which are the ones that Apple updates every week or every two weeks, are focused on the development of the operating system, making it possible for all developers who test them to offer Apple real feedback on how the operating system works. , so that on launch day, it is completely polished and offers the best possible experience.

On the other hand, the only purpose of the public betas is that those people who have registered in the program to be able to test said betas, can enjoy the news that Apple is introducingbut with a big difference with respect to the betas for developers, and that is that with the public betas the Cupertino company ensures a minimum of fluidity and proper functioning, so that the experience, within being a beta, is the most nice possible.

Therefore, although we still recommend all users not to install any betaof any operating system, on its main devices, yes, a public beta 3 has a lot of work behind it so that the experience is much more positive and safe than betas 1 and 2. To install them, you just have to register as a beta tester public within the Apple website and follow the steps they provide you.

What news do the public betas bring?

In terms of novelties, the reality is that there is no exclusivity, that is, it has the same news that Apple introduced in the last beta 5 of the different operating systems. In other words, public beta 3 is the same as beta 5, since the Cupertino company launches a public beta when it considers that the beta for developers works optimally enough so that the general public can use it.

Battery percentage

In this way, all users who install this public beta 3 on their iPhone will be able to enjoy the famous battery percentage on main screenas well as the new sounds, the new music player existing on the locked screen, the perspective zoom functions and the rest of the news that beta 5 brought with it.

In the same way, on both iPadOS and macOS, as well as in watchOS, users also have available all the news that Apple has been introducing in the different beta versions up to now. Also, keep in mind that the time of the final release of these versions is approaching, so these betas will be more polished each time and will offer users a much more satisfactory experience.

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