They arrested the former NFL player who brutally beat his ex-girlfriend: could spend 20 years in prison

This Thursday Zac Stacy was arrested, the former NY Jet running backyes, what brutally attacked his ex-girlfriend versus the five-month-old baby they have in common; the 30-year-old repeatedly beat his son’s mother, threw her against the television and to the ground last Saturday, November 13.

The victim, Kristin Evans, confirmed that Stacy was apprehended in Florida and that faces charges of aggravated assault and criminal behavior, according to information from Orange County, where he is now incarcerated. It is worth remembering that after the attack, the mother of Zac’s baby filed a restriction order because he feared for his life and that of his two children, because in addition to the boy, he has another 12-year-old girl, the result of a previous relationship.

The police detailed that the Former NFL player hit Kris on the head, picked her up and threw her at the screen who was in the room; while she was on the floor, the man continued to yell at her and hit her. “As she got up off the floor, he lifted her up hard and threw her against a baby chair,” the Daily Mail reported.

Although in the outrageous video of the assault, the 32-year-old woman desperately asks her son’s father to stop beating her, he seems to ignore it. Kristin said that Zac was in the middle of a fit of rage and that is why he attacked her when she arrived last Saturday to visit the baby.

According to local media outlets, should the former NY Jets and St. Louis Rams running back be found guilty on both charges, you could spend up to 20 years in prison.

It was not the first time that he attacked her

In the restraining order that Kristin Evans filed, she details that this It was not the first time that her ex boyfriend hit her. The two met in 2019 while working on the Memphis Express. Soon after, she became pregnant but miscarried and they separated. However, this year she became pregnant again, however the two ended the relationship in August.

Zac Stacy had already beaten her before and during the pregnancy, but the woman he had not dared to report it because “I wanted to see the good in him and give him a chance to improve,” he details in the document, in addition to the fact that he was expecting a baby and was afraid that something would happen to both of them.

Before the former NFL player was arrested this Thursday, Kris thanked in an Instagram story for the support he received after the assault of which he was a victim became known. He also revealed that Stacy is currently on medication to treat some mental problems that even took him to the hospital in March of this year. She also said she is raising money for women victims of violence in a petition hosted on GoFundMe.


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