They clone the NES Zelda in Minecraft and it is so perfect that it looks like an emulator with a ROM

Legend of Zelda in Minecraft

Minecraft creations are usually focused on gigantic worlds that serve to receive many players so they can explore a thousand and one secret corners, but there are also creations focused on creativity and bringing authentic independent products to life within Minecraft. What if we told you that they have created a playable version of Legend of Zelda?

A job without traps

Legend of Zelda in Minecraft

Before you go ahead, we must tell you that this incredible work has not used any mods that allow you to get shortcuts and functions not present in the original Minecraft. The only thing that has been allowed to do the youtuber C1OUS3R is to change the original textures of the game for ones similar to those used in the NES game, in order to be able to place blocks and draw exactly the hyrule map that we could find in the original Nintendo game.

Drawing the map was not extremely complicated, but it took him a while, however, the most difficult part was giving volume to the elements and the blocks, and for that he used the Blockbench software, which allowed him to draw blocks with textures from the Zelda game with faster. Thus, he managed to convert the classic 2D map into a three-dimensional world that worked perfectly, with the advantage of being able to work quite quickly, or else it would have been impossible.

The fact of not using mods made everything more complicated, but not impossible. For example, Minecraft’s own jump and run actions had to be overridden, and after much testing he managed to achieve this with some rather nifty tweaks that even required modifying other textures in the game. To avoid jumping, for example, what he did was set up a super jump that would simply break the jumping effect, so apparently the character doesn’t seem to move.

It’s not Zelda at all

Legend of Zelda in Minecraft

Although C1OUS3R’s work covers the original NES Zelda map, in reality his work is limited to offering the experience of the first dungeon, which is where we have to kill the dragon. After looking for some keys and killing the beast, the game is complete, and that’s the end of the experience of playing Zelda in Minecraft. Still, the result is amazing.

Sonic and Mario, too

If the result with Zelda has surprised you, you have to see the previous works of C1OUS3R. And it is that her legacy does not end there. The Youtuber has previously carried out other similar works with Mario and Sonic games, and with equally surprising results. It is incredible how with ingenuity and imagination you can create fully functional games within Minecraft, and that is, possibly. The key to the success of the Moyang game.

Fountain: C1OUS3R (YouTube)
Via: Kotaku

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