They create a modular laptop, without screws and that is repaired in 1 minute

A few years ago Google started working on a modular smartphone, which was never completed. Project Ara had the challenge of creating a smartphone that allowed all its parts to be changed. The simple idea was that you could update the device, but unfortunately the project was abandoned due to various factors.

Screwless portable and mostly modular

Desktop computers have different advantages over laptops. Among the most outstanding, how “easy” they are to disassemble and clean, among others. And it is that a laptop has many screws, everything is very compacted and disassembling them is very difficult and there is a high risk of breaking or damaging any part, especially the chassis.

concept moon it is a laptop that no screws It is based on a screwless locking system that is quite easy to remove. Once we press the unlock systemNow we can start disassembling. The first step would be to remove the speaker bar, followed by the keyboard and that allows us to see the rest of the elements.

Once removed the keyboardthe drumsthe motherboard and the fan they can be remove very easily. All this is done in just 1 minute and without the need to remove screws. Reassembling it is just as easy, as it has a fairly simple modular design.

Without a doubt this Dell laptop would end with many of the laptop problems Currently, the process of disassembling a laptop is slow and laborious, and can damage the chassis if you are not careful.

This entire laptop seems to be focused on repairability, which is something that tech companies look for. And it is that because the components are “embedded” in a reduced structure, they are complex to repair. What’s more, in the past you could replace the laptop battery without opening it, in a simple way, but today it is “hidden” inside the chassis.

concept moon laptop

Now it remains to be seen if it will be commercialized

Given the background, such as Project Ara, there are doubts about whether we will see them on the market. As it is “less” modular, the same if we end up seeing it on the market. We cannot simply change the processor, the entire motherboard is changed, something that can facilitate the creation of parts.

Most likely it is a solution for the average user, come on, for those who work from home or for students. It seems unlikely that, at least in the medium term, we will see gaming laptops with these characteristics. We cannot download it, this is obvious, but it is difficult for us to see how to extrapolate this to gaming laptops.

And it is that, if we look at the images, the motherboard occupies only a quarter of the entire chassis. Half is occupied by the battery and the remaining piece has a heatsink and that’s it. Something that also seems to be seen is that the storage or RAM memory could not be expanded.

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