They create a port of Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo DS and it’s great

Mario games are a genre unto themselves as since 1985 there hasn’t been a single Nintendo console that hasn’t had its own. Even in some cases, more than one, as it was in the Wii, where we had two that are already part of the history of video games. Your title? Super Mario Galaxy and they are, for many fans, among the best a Japanese console has ever seen.

From Wii to Nintendo DS

The fact is that on the occasion of the character’s 35th anniversary in 2020, Nintendo released a cartridge for Switch called Super Mario 3D All Stars with Super Mario Sunshine (from GameCube), Super Mario 64 (from Nintendo 64) and Super Mario Galaxy (from Wii) that they gave us back the old sensations of three developments extraordinary from Nintendo. Well, it has been this last one that has concentrated all the interest of a developer, who has had no better idea than to work on a port for Nintendo DS.

Although this version had already been announced that they were working on it months ago, it was not until recently a few hours that a first demo has been published that we can download and, with the appropriate means, launch it on a Nintendo DS to test it, or on a PC and even on a smartphone with a 3DS emulator for Android. The game, as you can see from the images below, is what is now called a demakethat is to say, a worsened adaptation, but not because the programmer is an evil and sinister person, but because of the technical limitations of the console that is going to receive that work.

Nintendo DS coexisted for many years with Wii and between the two there was a technological abyss in terms of graphic capabilities, so no one would have imagined ever seeing a launch like this for the desktop machine reach the screens of the portable while respecting both the spirit of the original: high-quality three-dimensional environments, quite fluid movement, a very precise sense of control that is usually an unmistakable trademark of Nintendo and an identical sound, except for a small loss of quality due to the compression that they have had to apply to effects and music.

At the moment only a demo

As we told you, for now the demo tries to show how is the work of the team behind and whose result looks really good. But keep in mind that a few levels in the demo are not the full game and it is not known yet if they will be able to complete all the work until turning every corner of Super Mario Galaxy from Wii to Nintendo DS. At the moment, things seem to be on track, although, yes, there is a small detail that we have not yet talked about and the same thing interferes with the work of these kids: Nintendo.

We have known the Japanese company for years and We know how little fun this type of work makes you that, although they cannot be controlled because in many cases they are personal initiatives of fans who do not even seek to earn money, when the time comes they stop laughing thanks and hit the table to remind them not to continue with what they are, with unfriendly letters of withdrawal. For now, this Super Mario Galaxy seems to have gotten rid but we will be attentive to future movements from the company. If the kite gets too high, we will soon see how Nintendo headquarters will try to collect rope to end this adventure for Nintendo DS.

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