They create a version of DOOM in which you have to take photos of NFTs

Few things are more fun than a good mod in a video game. Do you remember that user who decided to modify the C4 explosives from GTA V to replace them with Samsungs Galaxy Note 7? It was a real hoot and an unlimited source of laughter. Although hey, Samsung was not so amused that it even threatened to take legal action. Well, something similar has fallen on the “Cryptobros” with a new mod that pretends to laugh at them through the mythical video game Doom.

The NFTs. The future of memes

Many go around saying that, with the entry of companies like EA or Ubisoft into the world of NFTs, the NFTs are going to be undoubtedly “The future of videogames”. And that is what an authentic hater of non-fungible tokens, as it has gamified a daily scene that occurs among the detractors of this blockchain-based technology.

Tom would be nothing without Jerry, Real Madrid would not be a great team without the constant threat of Barça and the NFT would have nothing to talk about if their natural enemy did not exist: screenshots. The daily scene that is repeated the most on social networks when someone acquires an NFT is the typical ‘Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V’ or the screenshot to try to ridicule the user who now owns the aforementioned token.

NFT Doom encourages you to “Shoot” the Bored Apes

Everything seems to indicate that the user Ultra.Boi has a total of zero monetary units invested in NFT, since this week it has gone up to the web ModDB a version of Doom ii modified with which you will be able to have a good laugh. Despite being a mod based on Doom and NFTs, there is no violence or blood, so we are talking about a video game suitable for all audiences “Take note, WillyRex.”

In NFT Doom, we will handle our character in the first person, and instead of using a firearm, we will use a far more threatening tool: a reflex camera. This weapon will shoot and annihilate a whole horde of enemies, which are none other than the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club overalls.

If you’re not familiar with them, the Bored Ape Yacht Club monkeys are one of the NFTs that have collected the most money to date. Some of these images have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many advocates of the NFT consider these monkeys as a religion, and others, who do not know very well what the film is about, think that if you capture one of these images, you are stealing it. By now, obviously, most of those who buy an NFT know that this technology does not work like that, but that does not mean that we are not amused by the typical trolling to capture the image and post it back to the author, which is already a tradition on Twitter.

Ultra.Boi wanted to pay tribute to the «right click culture» with this fun game, which has a touch of mischief and which surely has not sat well with more than one. If you want to try it, It is available for free since last December 15 and it already has about a thousand downloads in its history.

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