They create the mini city of Bill in The Last of Us with the construction mode of The Sims 4

The fidelity with which HBO is recreating the world of The Last of Us is impressing, not only critics, but the millions of fans around the world who, after all, we knew were going to be the most demanding. with production. Well, it seems that the series itself has inspired others to continue curling the loop, and if not, we just have to take a look at this brutal creation in The Sims 4.

The best chapter of The Last of Us

Lincoln from The Last of Us recreated in The Sims 4

One of the best chapters that the series has left us so far is the one that tells the subplot of Bill, a character who left slight remnants of history in the game itself and that the directors of the series have wanted to rescue in a deeper way to close that circle. And how.

But leaving aside the significance of the chapter, the episode left us with the recreation of the town of Lincoln, a fortification with houses and businesses that lost the entire population with the arrival of the epidemic and where Bill decided to take refuge as a fort. until he showed up Frank.

a living city

Bill and Frank were in charge of taking care of their small town with crops, maintenance of the houses and all kinds of improvements, giving life to what would be the most human corner far from cordyceps. And this place has become so popular with some users that in a certain way they have wanted to pay a very special tribute to it.

Lincoln as residence of The Sims

Lincoln from The Last of Us recreated in The Sims 4

It is the case of the youtuber isambardywho has decided to recreate the town of Lincoln in the construction mode of The Sims 4. The amount of detail she has managed to include in the buildings and streets is truly amazing, but if there is something that truly shows the talent of this designer of interiors in The Sims, is Bill’s own house decoration.

We can see details of the dining room, the kitchen and even the secret surveillance room located in the basement, where we can see the video surveillance monitors and all the setup that Bill had to control the periphery of the town. In addition, Isambardy has been tasked with creating images for the paintings in the house by capturing a Sim that looks similar to Frank, so that they appear to be some of the portraits and paintings Frank painted during his days in the house.

Lincoln from The Last of Us recreated in The Sims 4

Its creator is going to share the design so that you can try it out in your installation of The Sims, so you can always say that you have visited Lincoln.

Fountain: Isambardy (YouTube)
Via: Eurogamer

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