They create the worst computer in the world, slower than a snail

Whenever we talk about computers, we think of the most powerful solutions possible within our budget. As a game, they have created the worst possible computer, which has really poor performance. This system has been created by PC World and has less than 1% of the power of a core of Intel Core i9-13900K processor.

What is always sought is to obtain the best performance in a computer. Therefore, always within a budget, you will look for the combination of components that gives you the best result. Here, precisely the opposite has been sought, a hardware combination that generates the worst possible result.

They create the worst computer in the world

This system has been created by fellow PC World members together with special guest Dr. Ian Cutress. You may not know Cutress, but among others you have been the head of Anandtech and have worked for Apple as an engineer.

The system is a huge Frankenstein with some pretty crazy setup. To begin with, the system is based on a dell computer quite old that uses a motherboard with a BTX design, which is no longer used. makes use of a Intel Celeron D 326 processor, a very old processor that, freaking out in colors, only has one core. has not been specified amount of RAM, but they should not be more than 2 GB.

Said processor lacks integrated graphics and in a display of madness, they have installed a AMD Radeon FuryX. The graphics does not fit into the chassis, so they have used an extension cable NZXT’s riser to connect it.

Following the craze, they have made use of an old 160 GB mechanical hard drive capacity. The system is fed with a fGigabyte P750GM power supply. Some power supplies that were defective and that also literally exploded.

Is something missing from this monstrosity? Well, we need to install the worst operating system in history, which is Windows Vista Ultimate. A combination of monstrous elements that in Cinebench R15 has only achieved b. The lowest record was set by Ian Cutress, set at 17 points.

Let’s take it in perspective and it is that this processor does not even reach 1% of the power of the Core i9-13900K in Cinebench R23, which is around 2,300 points. The Core i3-12100 in only one core in Cinebench R23 offers 1,658 points. To say that it is not currently used for the Cinebench R15 benchmarks, as it has been replaced by a more modern version.

Ok, but what is this for?

Surely you want to have an explanation of the reason for looking for the PC that offers the worst performance. The truth is that there is no logical explanation for these tests, it is simply for fun. Just as it’s fun to push the components of your computer to the limit, it’s also fun to try to get the worst result.

Actually, it is much more complicated to obtain the worst result in a benchmark of all time, than the best. The reason is that you have to look for very old components (the used processor is 18 years old) and that allow to run the test software.

One might think, because I use a 25-30 year old computer, but possibly I can’t run Cinebench R15. We must bear in mind that there are minimum hardware requirements to be able to move software.

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