They detect a myocardial infarction thanks to your Apple Watch

There are already many users who owe our lives to our Apple watch. Without a doubt, the sensors that warn us of irregularities in our pulsations, oxygen levels and the ECG help more than one user with health problems every day.

And today we find a new case. A lady from Michigan had a warning from her Apple Watch that the heart rate was too high. I had 169 keystrokes, being at rest. He went to the emergency room and had actually had a small myocardial infarction. A few days later, she underwent surgery on a heart artery to solve the problem and prevent new heart attacks. Bravo.

On April 22, Diane feenstra, a citizen of Norton Shores, Michigan, saw a notice on her Apple Watch telling her that she had a high heart rate at the time. He had a heart rate of 169 beats per minute, even though the biggest exercise he did that day was climbing 12 steps.

Concerned, she called her husband, who referred her to his doctor. A visit to the Hospital emergency room confirmed that he had suffered a heart attack slight, and had only been noticed by the warning on his watch.

The ER gave her an aspirin and sent her to Meijer Heart for an additional cardiac exam. Following test results, it was determined that he had a blockage in an artery, which was repaired by placing a stent in said obstruction.

Without a doubt, the Apple Watch was the main reason Feenstra asked for help. He only had one slight indisposition, without ever thinking that it could be a myocardial infarction. So if he hadn’t gone to the ER when he saw his heart rate soaring, his heart injury would not have been detected in time, and he would most likely have had another, much more serious heart attack later on.

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