They develop a 1080p panel with a refresh rate of 480 Hz

AU Optronics (AUO, hereafter) may not be familiar to you at all. A large number of gaming monitors on the market make use of this manufacturer’s panels. It is characterized by being at the forefront in the manufacture of panels for monitors, offering solutions of the highest quality.

AU Optronics Announces 480Hz Gaming Monitor Panel

We can find gaming monitors on the market with refresh rates up to 360 Hz, which is the current ceiling. This specialized panel manufacturer has announced a new ultra-high refresh rate solution of up to 480 Hz. This panel is focused on professional and/or competitive gamers. A panel that, by the way, will have a 1080p resolution.

As we have mentioned, the panels with the highest refresh rate today are 360 ​​Hz. These panels in some cases support a slight overclocking that allows this refresh rate to be increased, although it is not recommended at all.

The new AUO panel is from type TN Film, with AmLED technology and increases the current maximum refresh rate by a third. This panel will have a size of 24 inches and a response time of less than 1 ms for desktop. It seems that at the moment it is the maximum size that can be offered with such a high refresh rate,

They have also presented a screen with resolution 1080p @ 480Hz 16-inch for laptops. So this new high refresh rate will not be exclusive to desktop gaming monitors, but will also reach laptops.

Note that the 1080p resolution is the most used in competition because it is the one that can give the highest amount of FPS. Modern graphics cards can deliver a massive amount of FPS at such resolution. For higher resolutions, the amount of FPS drops quite a bit due to the fact that there are more pixels and, therefore, more information to process.

It seems that AMD is already working on certifying 480 Hz monitors with FreeSync

AU Optronics at the moment has not given data on when we will see the first gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 480 Hz. That does not mean that AMD is already working on FreeSync certification for panels that reach 480 Hz. The company is also working on certifying with FreeSync gaming monitors with 8K resolution.

It is not ruled out that during Computex 2022, which takes place at the end of this month, we can see a gaming monitor with this new panel. ASUS is usually the most innovative manufacturer and launches products with the latest technologies on the market. We must be prepared, on the other hand, for the price of a hypothetical 24-inch ASUS RoG gaming monitor with a 1080p @ 480 Hz panel, since it should exceed 1,000 dollars (or euros) in price quite easily.

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