They drop in price! The AirPods Pro can already be yours today

When you want to buy headphones to connect to the iPhone, the most recommended are still the AirPods. The fact that they are manufactured and designed by the company itself makes the connection much more stable and reliable. One of the big favorites is the ‘Pro’ model thanks to the noise cancellation which is a must have for many people who love silence. Now this model can be found at a much lower price on Amazon than in the official store. We tell you all the details below.

AirPods Pro at a minimal price on Amazon

Amazon is one of the great websites that exist to be able to make online purchases of different products. There is a space dedicated to Apple where you can find really interesting discounted products that you will never see in the company’s official store. Currently if you are interested in the AirPods Pro they can be found for 185 euros. This supposes a discount of 94 euros with respect to the official price of the Apple Store which is 279 euros.


Keep in mind that we are facing an offer of total confidence. Although the purchase is not being made in an official company store, you should not worry. A totally new and original AirPods model will arrive at your home address that are factory sealed. In addition, when making the purchase on Amazon Spain, the warranty legislation is applied, which establishes a period of 2 years of protection. The first of these years is covered by Apple itself and the second by Amazon’s technical service that also works efficiently.

Offers on other AirPods models

If AirPods Pro are too high a price for you, or you’re just not interested in active noise cancellation, there are other options on the market. Specifically, the version that has a wireless charging case has a discount of 50 euros, remaining at a price of 179 euros. Finally, the AirPods Pro and this AirPods 2 models have a similar price with these types of offers, so the final decision will depend on your personal needs.

AirPods 2

And finally, in the event that you are a user looking for a professional device, AirPods Max are the most recommended for you. Although it is true that it is the most expensive model that the company has with a official price of 629 euros, it offers exceptional sound quality in every way and also a really good autonomy so that you can work comfortably without any interruption. Right now on Amazon you can find a discount approaching 120 euros in different colors.

airpods max

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