They file a lawsuit against Apple alleging that the Apple Watch can cause physical injury

If we combine the ease that some have in suing large companies for any excuse to make a profit, or simply to advertise the lawyers if they win them, and the well-known problem of the batteries that inflate Over time on Apple Watch, it is easy to guess the result of the sum.

Some Apple Watch users they have sued to Apple claiming that if an Apple Watch battery swells, the result can cause physical injury if you wear said watch with that problem. I call this curling the curl.

Everyone is familiar with the problem of swollen batteries in devices of any brand they use. lithium batteries. I myself discovered a few days ago that my original iPad that I keep with great affection, the battery had swollen, and it has been unusable. A shame

The point is that in an Apple Watch, if this problem occurs and the battery swells, being under the screen, it peels off the casing, usually on two sides, being raised on one side. And if that happens when you wear it on your wrist, you can cut yourself with the sharp edge of the screen that is raised.

The thing is, Chris Smith had an Apple Watch Series 3 and the battery swelling happened. He saw the screen peel off due to battery swelling three years after he bought it. He was in a golf cart and reached down from the steering wheel to set it in motion, not realizing that the screen on his Apple Watch had detached from the case. At that moment the screen cut a vein the other arm.

swollen battery

The problem of swollen batteries is difficult to solve.

So he has sued Apple for the injuries he caused, including in the same images of a deep cut on Smith’s arm. He has obtained the testimony of others affected by the swelling of the Apple Watch battery, although they have not had injuries, and have filed a joint lawsuit.

It is not the first lawsuit in the case of swollen batteries

In 2019, there was already a similar lawsuit (with no verified injuries) against Apple for fraudulent business practices and breach of warranty, presenting many of the same arguments as the lawsuit executed this time by Smith.

It came to trial and was dismissed that particular lawsuit, ruling that the Apple Watch’s defect was not caused by faulty batteries or faulty internals. The judge allowed the lawsuit to proceed based on the breach of the express warranty, but the plaintiff eventually dropped the lawsuit. We will see what this new accusation is.

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