They filter all the Intel Core 12 and their price, which one are you going to buy?

The initial shipment of the Intel Core 12 has been made up of only three different models: i5-12600K, i7-12700K and i9-12900K. As well as its KF variants that have the integrated GPU disabled. This is not normal for the company founded by Gordon Moore, however, the entire range as well as the prices of the Intel Core 12 are beginning to leak.

It is no secret to any of us that the rest of the Intel Core 12 range with Alder Lake-S architecture will appear shortly after the launch of the first models. What we did not expect is to have both the complete specifications of the entire range, as well as the starting prices right in the same month of launch.

This is the complete range of the Intel Core 12

The first source comes from the Dell Alienware Aurora R13 manual, the second one instead comes from an online store in Holland that has published the prices for the entire range of processors with additional information about them. As you may have observed in the image above, it is the lower-end models that are going to be on sale in a short time, starting with the i3-12100F up to the i5-12600.

Of the i3 we do not know information at the moment regarding the number of cores, but about the i5-12400 and i5-12400F we have news. Both CPUs have a consumption of 65W and a total of 6 P-Core cores, however they lack E-Cores and this is something important.

The difference between both models (i5-12400 vs i5-12400F = is that version F supports Hyper-Threading (it does not have iGPU by the way) and the one that does not have the letter does not. This reminds us of the fact that Intel has two different designs of their Intel Core 12s, one with an 8 + 8-core configuration and the other with a 6 + 0-core configuration.

Two Intel Core 12 MSI

Well, the second model would belong to the Intel Core 12 CPUs that are below the i5-12600 and therefore the i3-12100F up to the i5-12500. These would not have the E-Cores and would no longer have a heterogeneous core configuration like their older brothers. Those of Pat Gelsinger have not settled for deactivating the E-Cores, but have remade the chip without them and have re-used the space.

This change also means that the thermal specifications of the low-end Intel Core 12 generate more heat per area. In any case, the PL2 mode is not usually active in this class of processors.

Models without letter are also approaching

Intel Core 12 whole range

One of the biggest complaints among potential users is that at the moment none of the CPUs in the current Intel Core 12 range consumes less than 125 W. Well, Intel is going to add the letterless versions of the current models, so the i5-12600, i7-12700 and i9-12900 will appear soon. These have the same core configuration as the letter models, but run at a lower clock speed, so they are somewhat slower, but also consume less, 65W and are locked to PL2 and overclocked.

i9-12900F table specs

Although of all of them the one that surprises the most is the i9-12900F, which makes us think that the F models could reach the entire range and that it would not be completely complete:

  • i9-12900T 16 (8 + 8) 24T 30MB L3 up to 4.9 GHz and UHD Graphics 770
  • i7-12700T 12 (8 + 4) 20T 25MB L3 up to 4.7 GHz and UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12600T 6 (6 + 0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.6 GHz and UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12500T 6 (6 + 0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.4 GHz and UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12400T 6 (6 + 0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.2 GHz and UHD Graphics 730
  • i3-12300T 4 (4 + 0) 8T 12MB L3 up to 4.2 GHz and UHD Graphics 730
  • i3-12100T 4 (4 + 0) 8T 12MB L3 up to 4.1 GHz and UHD 730

The difference with the i9-12900? Well, the fact that it can reach a 0.1 GHz higher Boost speed apart from those previously mentioned.

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