They filter the official price of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti and its performance!

The price and performance of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti have been leaked hours before its launch and, as expected, those of Huang have taken a more than sensible step forward, especially in the cost of this graphics card. And it is that it will be the most expensive GPU manufactured in series with an exorbitant price compared to its inferior sister, a prohibitive cost that will not be reflected in the performance of this RTX 3090Ti.

If you thought that the RTX 3090 was expensive in itself, hold on tight because the new RTX 3090 Ti is just the prelude to what is to come with the RTX 40. And it is that, according to VideoCardz, the suggested retail price for the Founders version Edition will go 500 euros up compared to what was until now the fastest GPU of the brand.

An impossible cost for the user to assume: 1,999 dollars


The leak ensures that the official price for the NVIDIA reference card will be no less than $1,999, which in our country and given the change that the Euro has suffered against the Dollar should be almost €2,220.

If this already seems outrageous to you, expect that there is much more, since it is estimated that the custom models of the manufacturers will increase the price even more and could reach over 2,500 euros at our borders where, if that were not enough, they will arrive with a drop count.


The number of units seems very large at first and it seems that there is more to come, but given the latest movements of the miners this price will not seem too high considering that the performance has increased by a figure that is not enough for the outlay , represents an interesting increase for them, but not for the player.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Performance


As if that were not enough money, the cost/performance ratio is quite low to be the top of the brand’s range. The filtered score in 3DMark in its different benchmarks reveals it, where on average what we have is a 7% performance increase for this RTX 3090 Ti.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Performance

The biggest difference is found in Time Spy Extreme with a score of 11,400 points compared to 10,440 points for the RTX 3090, which represents an increase of 9%, as we say, the biggest difference recorded. The lowest, on the other hand, is only 5%.


In addition to this, it must be taken into account that given the heat generated by the new GA102, manufacturers have opted for AIO water cooling systems or huge air sinks that will exceed 3 slots and let’s not talk about the weight for the connector. PCIe.

It is not a graphic for any user or for any box, since a reinforce will be needed to avoid damage to the motherboard or enough space for a 30mm rad triple if we want a TOP model, which will be the most prohibitive in price.


Is this graphics card acceptable? Necessary for the market? Sales will dictate sentence and we will see where they finally end up, but for the player it does not represent a substantial improvement over the RTX 3090 that cannot be achieved with a good overclock to it.

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