They filter the presentation date of the new MacBook Pro

The launch of the new Macs, closer

According to the information that has become known, Apple is currently conducting a significant investment in the production of mini-LED panels. A new technology that we hope will eliminate the tedious screen failures seen in MacBooks of previous generations. This is a clear indication that the new MacBook Pros would arrive at the end of the third quarter that began today. This quarter lasts until September where Apple normally makes an important product announcement, which is traditionally the new range of iPhone, as well as the new generation of Apple Watch. This DigiTimes report corroborates all of this previously known information.

To this is also added that DigiTimes sources suggest that the peak of shipments will occur in the month of October. If the maximum number of shipments occurs in this month, it is logical to think that the presentation should take place in the month of September and the start of the first teams at the beginning of October. In addition, it can be reinforced through the information given by the suppliers of mini-LED screens that continue to be completely exhausted and the person responsible would be Apple.

But the big question that everyone is asking is, What about iPhones? The month of September is characteristic for presenting the new generation of iPhone and if this leak ends up being fulfilled, two scenarios would arise. The first of these is that the new MacBook Pros are presented jointly with the iPhone, or that two separate events take place: one in September and one in October. This is something that will be known as the weeks go by and with the new information that will be spilled by the leakers.

The news of the new Macs

This year can finally be the point at which the MacBook Pro range is renewed in the aesthetic section. There are many years that have passed since we saw the last renovation in this regard and without a doubt Apple must give a touch of fresh air to such a legendary team. The information you have right now points to a design with flat edges, as well as an increase in the screen ratio.

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With regard to connectivity, it will no longer be posited for having only USB-C ports, but it would also integrate HDMI ports and an SD card reader. This for professionals is great news since you will not have to buy adapters for the Mac to be able to read the photos that are on a card. And it will not be necessary to be able to make a presentation on an external projector, being in the end more productive.

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