They find that Disney filters on TikTok avoided saying the word gay

TikTok has the option that its text-to-speech conversion system allows reading something written with the way you talk about your favorite Disney characters (or Marvel and Star wars, which are also his property). But some social media users found that these voice filters prevented saying the words out loud. gay or lesbian. And they were not the only ones that silenced, as you can see below …

With the opening of the official Disney + account on Tiktok, the entertainment production company signed a collaboration for offer the voices of your most famous characters in the application, within your option to pass text to speech.

Thus, you can write something to be superimposed on your video on TikTok and choose to have it app read it aloud in the key of a Stormtrooper, Stitch or Rocket Racoon.

So far, normal, two huge corporations looking at how to make more money together. Nevertheless, not everything was so fun and harmless when you realized that this filter censored certain words.

Disney silences (ba) words related to homosexuality

Apparently, if the words you typed included terms like gay or lesbian, the Disney voice filter ignored them completely and did not say them out loud.

For sample, this example video from TikTok user Karabiner (Kbwild_).


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♬ Disney wont say Gay – KaraBiner (Kbwild)

As we can see, words related to homosexuality, and some additional rude, are muted in the video.

This fact was also collected on other social networks such as Twitter.

Whose fault was it, Disney or TikTok?

In case you were thinking that it was the Chinese technology company that could be behind the censorship, the truth is that it is not. Apparently something like this has never happened with other text-to-speech options that the app uses. If you choose the usual filters of the app, they read those words aloud and without problems.

So it seems that everything was a Disney thing.

And why do we talk all the time in the past tense if this is very recent?

Because, apparently Disney has reversed the decision and now, no longer censorship those words on TikTok when you choose to have them read by their characters.

Why has Disney done this and then backed off?

The debate is served. There are those who think that, despite the fact that the entertainment company is taking steps in the visibility of all sexual options (such as slight flashes in Star wars, Toy story 4 or Cruella, as well as an openly gay major character in Eternals), it continues to be difficult for him to accept reality and live in the 21st century.

Others, however, do not believe that things are going that way and there is nothing ideological about them.

According to them, those decisions are nothing more than the product of taking accounts and seeing what is more profitable. Disney has always been a family-focused company and, in order not to lose fans among the more traditional segments, it has always been slow to keep up with the times.

What do you think?

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