They find the RTX 30 stolen from EVGA, you will not believe where they are

If there is something rampant lately it is the graphics cards. In price, availability and logically in investment for cryptocurrencies they are the most requested for two years, so the hit to the EVGA truck in California in November was so notorious that we echoed this news. Now and after a few months the company has found your GPUs And not thanks to the police, but to the users. Where have they gone?

As if it were a film about smugglers who have stolen a treasure or an incalculable object, the plot of this robbery has made its outcome exciting, since in a turn of events and after more than two months of silence the GPUs they have appeared for sale in a somewhat abnormal way.

The EVGA RTX 30 on the other side of the world

With graphics cards of all ranges that comprised between 330 and 1960 dollars The truck that was traveling from San Francisco to California had no option to stop the robbery, where in addition the police did not obtain any proof of the crime or of the attackers, something incredible and that determined at the level of planning of the coup.

GPUs have magically appeared on the other side of the world, specifically in the hands of a Vietnamese retailer that apparently is already selling these graphics cards on its channel as if they were any common batch.

How was the cake discovered? Well, thanks to the users, who had read about the theft and were alert to the serial numbers and websites that EVGA had made available to scammed buyers. One user bought two EVGA RTX 3080 Tis for personal use as the price was really good, but what made him suspicious of fraud was another factor.

One month “limited” warranty!


Product “cheap” for the market, in a retailer in your country and where the warranty is limited and only one month. You do not have to know how to add 2 + 2 to realize that in this transaction there is a jackpot, and that is that these graphics cards somehow arrived through unofficial channels.

When buying said RTX 3080 Ti and checking on the EVGA websites the serial numbers the cake was discovered and the brand still does not explain how they have been transported from one side of the world to the other in such a short time (given the existing logistics problems and prices). Now, the retailer could face local authorities if the brand takes legal action against them, basically because they are selling stolen products and carrying out clear fraud to the buyer, including of course the guarantee.

In addition, an important question now opens up for buyers who have been scammed, since their money is safely in the coffers of the offender and the GPUs should be returned to the brand, so who will return the money spent? If it is the retailer they may have to wait for the judgment of a court in the case of lawsuit, if it is by the brand (which does not seem because of the work) then it could be faster.

In any case, we return to the same point of that time when the robbery occurred. Knowing this, will users be exposed to run out of money and no GPU registering the serial number on the web knowing that the graphics cards belong to a robbery that has gone around the world?

Possibly not, but what is certain is that both EVGA and the authorities of both countries have been portrayed by not being able to detect a shipment with so many units of such a highly demanded and expensive product.

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