They gave me some VR Meta Quest 2 glasses, are they worth it?

The story begins as follows, both my wife and I decided to take one of those devices that the internet provider gives you in exchange for staying with them for a while. Because not taking them did not imply a discount on the bill at the end of the month, we decided to look at the catalog and decided on the Meta Quest 2. A device that we were interested in trying, but for other more important needs in daily life we ​​could not find it. on our priority list.

Is Meta Quest 2 worth it for VR newbies?

One of the most interesting points about Meta VR glasses is that they are a self-sufficient system, this means that you can have virtual reality experiences with them without having to connect them to a system, be it a PC or a console. Which forces them to have their own catalog of titles, but due to technical limitations of their internal processor, a modified Qualcomm Snapdragon, the same degree of visual quality cannot be expected.

Meta Quest 2

However, it is putting on the glasses, placing yourself in a totally immersive environment and seeing how even despite the graphic level of the games for Meta Quest 2, the experience simply leaves us with our jaws on the ground. For example, Capcom’s action-horror classic Resident Evil 4 takes on a new dimension and experience, not to mention certain experiences that while derived from Wii-era concepts suddenly become totally immersive. , only with the disconnection of our senses with respect to the real world.

Small details that have surprised us

Well, there are basically two of them, the first of which is the quality of the integrated speakers is excellent, which add a much higher level of telepresence to the different experiences. Let’s not forget that the latency between our actions and what we see on the screen is important for total immersion in VR and is still difficult to achieve on devices connected to the PC or the console. In this case, having a computer in the glasses allows you to cut certain latencies and times in order to achieve a better VR experience.

Stick Meta Quest 2

As for the controls, they are ergonomic, they hold perfectly in the hand and from here a request to the console manufacturers: use the analog stick of the controls that comes standard with the Meta Quest 2, they have excellent grip and travel and they exceed what is seen in any console control command, regardless of the brand we are talking about.

The bad: catalog certainly limited and expensive

Last year, more than 9 million Meta Quest devices were sold worldwide, a much lower figure than other years, but we must assume that certain historical consoles sold much less than that. Not in vain, in the world there are more users of these virtual reality glasses than any SEGA console in its history, with the exception of the Mega Drive. So it is surprising to see such a limited catalog and above average price.

The reason behind this is that many VR experiences on PC cannot be ported to a mobile chip. Since we need to be able to reproduce them at a resolution of 1920 x 1822 pixels in each eye. This is twice as much as playing in Full HD and if we count both eyes we are talking about 4K resolutions, to top it off so that we have to render in as few milliseconds as possible. That is to say, 60 FPS falls short in VR and that is why with Meta Quest 2 we have to settle for experiences of the graphic level of the consoles of the first half of the 2000s.

And here comes the basic problem, it is one thing to carry out a port or transfer, which is to recycle all the graphic and sound material and a good part of the game code, and another is to carry out a conversion. Which means adapting the game to the particularities of a hardware, which is much more expensive. Video game publishers don’t like this. The cost of a move, even for a AAA blockbuster can cost a couple of million, in the case of a conversion the costs are four times higher.

Resident Evil 4 Meta Quest 2

And what about dizziness with Meta Quest 2?

We usually associate virtual reality with dizziness, during the first few days a server who cannot get on certain real-life attractions without having a bad time unless he gorges himself on pills or worse, who gets dizzy on long car trips like passenger, since he has not encountered any bad experience in this regard. That is to say, I have not ended up vomiting as gossips usually say and I say it with experiences that can confuse your brain.

However, I can’t do long gaming sessions without getting tired of my eyes or causing a general malaise after playing for more than an hour. Things got worse when due to the seasonal flu and a strong migraine I ended up completely dizzy. So if you are sick or with any ailment that causes some kind of headache, they will have a hard time. At that time it is best not to use the Meta Quest 2 or any other virtual reality device.

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