They hacked the FBI! How did cybercriminals operate and why did they attack?

According to early reports from FayerWayer, the federal investigative agency suffered a cyber attack that put your information at risk. The attack was confirmed by the same FBI through an official statement in which they expressed being aware of the situation, which they already claimed to have under control.

The FBI is aware of a software misconfiguration that temporarily allowed an actor to take advantage of the Business Law Enforcement Portal (LEEP) to send bogus emails, the bureau wrote.

What and how happened?

For several days, a group of cybercriminals took advantage of their access within FBI systems to send emails to more than 100 thousand addresses, although at the moment the details “for sure” of this new incident are unknown.

While the FBI reaffirmed that “No actor could access or compromise any data (…) in the FBI network. Once we learned of the incident, we quickly remedied the vulnerability of the software. “

However, other media such as Bleeping Computer warned by SpamHaus, that there was a massive extraction of email addresses which was carried out within the database of the American Registry of Internet Numbers.

What were hackers sending from the FBI?

The emails that were recovered were intended to falsely warn about a “sophisticated chain attack” by the renowned security researcher, Vinny Troia. So apparently, the cyber attackers sought to discredit Troia’s work and damage his reputation.

Previously, a group of cybercriminals called Pompomourin He had already hacked the blog of the National Center for Missing Children, publishing a note in which he accused Troia of pedophilia. So this attack could be related to the same group of hackers.

At the moment, the FBI they just mentioned that the affected hardware was quickly disconnected upon discovering the problem and that they will continue to alert the public to beware of unexpected emails they receive.

We continue to encourage the public to beware of unknown senders, and we urge you to report suspicious activity to or He pointed to the bureau.


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