They have already leaked when the new iMac Pro 2022 will be launched

Ever since the 24-inch iMac with M1 was introduced, we’ve had our sights set on the big version. And it is that the 27-inch model is still pending to renew its design and, above all, its processor. This same year it will go from mounting Intel chips to having an Apple Silicon that, except for surprise, will be with an M1 Pro and M1 Max configuration, which could give it the last name of “Pro”. Now on top, they have leaked its possible release date.

The most reputable leaker says it will arrive in June

Ross Young is, according to Appletrack rankings, the most reliable leaker of information about Apple. He does not mean that his information will always be true, since it cannot be compared to the company’s official announcements, but according to his forecasts, it is evident that he has good sources. Well, in the last few hours he has spoken about when we would see that iMac.

Responding to a Twitter thread talking about precisely this computer, Young stated that “could be released in June”. He also dropped that he had quite well contrasted the fact that they will mount miniLED panels in the purest MacBook Pro style. And returning again to the date he foresees, it would not be strange if it were announced in the context of the WWDC 2022which will be held that same month.

imac pro presentation ross young

However, the launch could be done later. And this is not a leak, but an intuition. In previous years in which Apple has presented computers at its developer conference, it has served only as an announcement, having the launch for September. This would also give them an additional margin to have enough stock. In any case, this information remains to be specified and it must be confirmed that June will actually be the month chosen by the company.

Premium features for the penultimate Intel

The transition from Intel to Apple Silicon is not over yet, but with the large iMac a very important step will be taken, leaving only the Mac Pro without incorporating the Californian brand’s ARM processors. According to rumours, this computer would also come with cosmetic changes similar to those of the 24-inch model, reducing frames and with possible new shades that, except for surprise, would be more sober colors than those of the small model.

The screen, as we warned before, would take mini LED technology which would be accompanied by functions such as 120 Hz refresh rate. However the size this is not entirely clear. There are those who point out that she would keep 27 inches and reduce her body, while the most natural thing would be to make it evolve until it reaches 30 or more inches diagonally.

imac pro concept

As far as internal technology is concerned and as we also told you before, it would have a chip M1 Pro or M1 Max, to be chosen at the time of purchase and with different associated configurations such as integrated RAM. Your base storage capacity is expected to be from 512GB SSD and can reach a 8TB maximum.

Beyond this, it is unknown what other news it could incorporate. We will be watching in these coming months for new reports that may arise in relation to it, including other analysts who may reaffirm or deny the month of presentation that Ross Young has predicted.

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