They have leaked the new Sony headphones: they are dwarf and will arrive very soon

A woman wearing the LinkBuds S True Wireless in black

At this time it is usual for Sony to present a new generation of headphones, and not knowing anything about the brand at this point did not seem strange enough. But last-minute leaks have had to appear so that it does not catch us off guard. And it is that, indeed, we are at the gates of knowing the new WF-1000XM5Sony’s True Wireless headphones that surprise with their size.

Sony’s smallest high-end True Wireless

Sony WF-1000XM5 leak

As expected, the new headphones continue to maintain that indecipherable name that has been accompanying the brand’s high-end models in recent years. With the WF prefix we know that these are button-type models, with the 1000 that we are talking about the highest range, and with the M5 that it is the fifth generation.

And what do these headphones have that the fantastic M4 did not already have? For starters, it seems that the new generation offers a extremely compact designand it is that according to the measurements and the images that have been shared on the blog The Walkman Blogthe new model will be considerably smaller than the previous generation, reminding a lot of the WF-C500a basic range that drew attention for its compact size.

Sony WF-1000XM5 leak

The feat in this case is that, as always, this range will include state-of-the-art technology, the best sound and a cancellation system that is the benchmark in the industry, so putting all that in such a small size is quite amazing.

You will not notice that you are wearing them

If headband models, despite being very comfortable, are not designed for you, what you may not like about the True Wireless is that they do not feel particularly comfortable to wear during long music sessions. This problem could be solved thanks to the 5.9 grams of weight that each earphone marks on the scale.

When can it be purchased?

At the moment, it seems that the new product will be presented this week, so in the next few days we should know all the details of its specifications and new functions in case they are incorporated. The filtered characteristics speak of a range of up to 24 hours taking advantage of the extra charges in the case, promising 1 hour of playback with only 3 minutes of charging.

We will be attentive to tell you all the news of this release, so do not go too far, we should know something about it very soon. And you know the best? The 1000XM4s will drop in price yet again.

Fountain: The Walkman Blog
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