They illustrate the legendary Guns N’ Roses song with an AI

During the last year, the Generative Artificial Intelligence has laid the foundations for what the future of AI will be. A few months ago, OpenAI’s Dall-E 2.0 showed the world its capabilities to create stunning images from text. The difference with respect to the first version was substantial, and many of us thought that the rest of the competitors would have a very difficult time beating them in this field. Luckily for everyone, we were wrong. During these last weeks of summer, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney they have taught the world that they want a piece of the OpenAI pie. If you want to see the capacity of the latter, do not miss this Guns N’ Roses video clip that has been created by putting each verse in this artificial intelligence.

Midjourney recreates Sweet Child O’Mine verse by verse

The generating images from text It has only just begun, and we can assure you that it has a promising future. During the last months, we thought that nobody would overshadow OpenAI, which until now has been the leading company in the sector. However, these last few weeks have changed everything. Stable Diffusion has been presented as an open source project that you can download and run on your own computer – as long as you have an Nvidia graphics card, as it works with CUDA. And, on the other hand, the artificial intelligence of Midjourney has left us speechless. It is an intelligence trained with a huge model, and that is capable of generating large detailed images. Midjourney has tons of possibilities, but the bot is designed to generate images artistic.

The youtuber Daara has shown the world Midjourney’s ability by creating a video clip of the mythical song Sweet Child O’Mine of the Guns N’ Roses. To do this, she has selected each verse and has entered it into the bot. The result is a video that describes each part of the song. Many of the images have a common style, so we assume that Daara will have kept part of her ‘prompts’ and even that she has used the same seed to generate different images.

If you liked it, we recommend that you take a look at the YouTube channel, because the same profile is uploading more videos of other groups that will also leave you with your mouth open.

How can I access Midjourney?

examples midjourney.jpg

If you have seen the video, you may be freaking out and want to try it too. Midjourney is a tool that is in beta phase and under payment. However, you can access your Free trial.

Midjourney’s bot is available on their official Discord. To enter, you just have to go to the official website and click on ‘Join the Beta’. Then link your Discord account and you’ll be able to access a few group chat rooms where you can interact with the AI ​​with the /imagine command.

With this method, you can generate a few images for free. Of course, being constantly interrupted by the rest of the users. For that reason, Midjourney has a paid version which gives us access to private chat with the bot. There are two memberships: one for $10 with limitations and one for $30 per month with no restrictions.

The only thing you need to know before entering is that it is not easy to interact with the bot. Each AI has its own peculiar way of processing information, so you’ll have to try and discover the right words and the order in which to write them.

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