They kill a high school classmate for having sex with one of their ex-girlfriend; they will judge them as adults

Three teenagers, two women and a man will be tried as adults in Florida, United States to be singled out murder one of his high school classmates for having had sex with ex-girlfriend Of one of them.

The victim, identified as Dwight “DJ” Grant 18-year-old was found dead hiding in some bushes. His body presented beat marks and died from being stabbed. According to the statement of the teenager’s mother, she reported the disappearance of her son after seeing on a surveillance video of her home when two subjects beat him while a woman was watching.

Police inquiries led to finding the body of the minor hidden in the bushes by following the bloodstains on the spot. Police identified the suspects: a 17-year-old woman and a 16-year-old woman along with a 17-year-old man who were seen in the video when they left the apartment complex where the victim lived.

They tricked the victim into having sex

Authorities found text messages where one of the women invited Dwight to have sex on the pretext that he left his home. By accepting the proposal, the high school student left his home and at that moment was intercepted by his alleged killers.

The 17-year-old wore a big sword and a small knife with which he allegedly stabbed his victim. The investigation led to a statement from the killer’s ex-girlfriend who confirmed the intimate encounter with Dwight, which was consensual, reported CNN.

Despite this, when the alleged murderer found out, he was enraged by jealousy and decided to take revenge together with the help of the other two teenagers. The three young men were arrested and face judgment as adults even though they are minors.

With information from CNN.


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