They launch a new PRO controller for PS5 more expensive than Sony’s DualSense Edge

Become a PRO gamer!

That seems to have been the cry that the brands are sending to their potential customers, for whom the official gamepads are beginning to fall short. And a lot of blame for that feeling stems from the boom in recent years in the eSports sector, the one in which users compete almost professionally and to always guarantee the best control, nothing better than having a control with the highest quality and precision.

Razer is not suspected of having benefited from this wave of electronic sports, with an infinite range of peripherals that go from keyboards to mice, mats and of course chairs specially designed to rest our body as it deserves. And gamepads have also been one of her specialties, so it was not strange to think that they would also dare with a PRO device for PS5, the console that currently commands sales within the desktop segment (no, we are not counting Switch).

The result of that strategy that on PS5 will continue what was seen with the competitive scenes of FIFA either Call of Duty on PS4 is the arrival of this Wolverine V2 PRO that, far from wrinkling in the presence of Sony’s new DualSense Edge, has decided to put land in between in terms of benefits and, of course, price.

Maximum performance

This new gamepad bets on the quality of the materials to offer the best grip possible when we have it in our hands. That, which is decisive at the moment in which we get into a professional competition, must also be accompanied by its benefits that, in this case, allow you to boast a very low latency between the moment in which we give the order by pressing a button and the moment in which the console receives the signal. That’s basic when we play Call of Duty or we give a pass in FIFA under the surveillance of an opponent.

As is customary in this type of controls, the sticks they are interchangeable, the triggers can be tuned with the sensitivity that most convinces us and the buttons we can configure them to perform specific functions depending on the profile of each game. As in the case of other PRO models on the market, it has cams on the back and a special technology in the hardware that guarantees the least possible response to each command we give to the console.

That yes, in spite of the price, It will not have the haptic technology of the DualSense of Sony on the triggers, with that resistance force according to the video game that gives the experience more realism gaming. Here, that feature has been sacrificed for virtually instant response. The price? Well, we do not know if Razer has gone overboard, but it places it at 299 euros, that is, about 60 more than Sony’s Edge model.

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