They launch a support fund for those who maintain open source projects

Open source software, which currently represents between 70% and 90% of the software in total use, is becoming more and more important in the daily life of companies. So much so that there are 95% of managers who assure that open source is critical to your business infrastructure. Still, many of the developers and maintainers of some of the most critical open source projects behind the operation of all manner of products, services, and networks continue to do so for free or next to nothing.

This has led to some problems, of which one of the most recent is the corruption made by a developer of two open source libraries that he maintained, crucial for many projects, because he was not paid to use them, not even large technological ones.

To help alleviate this problem, and for the developers and maintainers of open source projects receive at least something in return for their work, the Backend platform as a service appwrite is going to launch a fund dedicated to it: the Open Source Software Find (OSS Fund). It will have, in its first year of operation, 50,000 dollars, which it will allocate to reward developers who are responsible for maintaining open source projects that are basic to the current digital technological infrastructure, but who do not receive compensation for doing so.

Those who want to request money from the fund can already send their request for it through this website. Petitions will be opened annually, and the recipients of the funds will be chosen by Appwrite’s developer relations team, as well as various members of the Appwrite community. The beneficiaries of the fund will be chosen based on several criteria, such as the popularity of the project, its technological impact, innovation and the current financial capabilities of the project.

The chosen ones They will each have a fund of 2,500 dollars, which will be paid to them through Github or Open Collective sponsors. Fund writers can not only nominate themselves, but also others, and there is no limit to the number of nominations that can be made. Of course, only one project can be indicated per nominee.

Eldad Fux, CEO of Appwriteindicates that he knows «what it is to spend hours in front of the computer, putting blood, sweat and tears into something you love and that is also benefiting thousands and even millions of people around the world. I have always been aware that we would use some of Appwrite’s success and investment in supporting other developers and maintainers like myself, to give back for more. We hope that our contribution can make a difference«.

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