They leak new iPad and iPhone before Apple announces them

No company, much less Apple, is free from rumors and leaks regarding its upcoming releases. The Cupertino company continues to keep its next products secret, but in recent weeks several signs have appeared that prove that it is about to launch new devices. The latest that has been known is related to two new iPads and with a iPhone which, except for the surprise of capital dimensions, would be the third generation ‘SE’.

We are many media that we have been echoing in recent weeks of various leaks or predictions of renowned analysts. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago Apple records were known in the European Economic Commission in reference to its new equipment. In the last hours, from 91mobiles, it has been revealed that the company has already imported them to countries like India.

iPhone SE, iPad 10 and iPad Air would be chosen

According to the aforementioned media, Apple has imported several devices in India, among which the arrival of an unpublished iPhone stands out, which, according to already known rumors, would be the economic version of this 2022. And it is that, despite the expectation that there is for the iPhone 14, these will not be presented until the end of the year.

This new iPhone SE 3 bears that adjective “new” because for technical purposes it is, but in practice it does not seem that it will mean too much change compared to the current one. I would mount a 4.7-inch panel with the same design, changing only the chip to mount an A15 Bionic and be compatible with 5G networks. No relevant additional feature is ruled out, but nothing that can make it look like a great evolution.

iphone se 2020

Latest iPhone SE (2020)

Regarding the tablets, the iPad Air 2022 It would also come with few changes. In fact, it would be a large version of the iPad minisince in design and features it could offer the same: A15 Bionic chip, 5G technology, wide angle for the front camera… Apart from everything that the current model already has, such as compatibility with Apple Pencil 2 or with official keyboards Of the brand.

More doubts, but also less interest, generates the iPad 10th generation. It was not expected until the end of the year and if the new information is true, we would see it only a few months after the previous one. Probably its changes come only in the chip, maintaining that classic design with a Home button that we only find in this entry range.

ipad 9 and ipad air 2020

Latest iPad (2021) and iPad Air (2020) models

Waiting for an official announcement from Apple

It is evident that this information is not official and therefore should not be treated as such, although it does not sound very far-fetched either. Be that as it may, and taking into account what has already been commented, everything points to Apple holding a special event in March or April in which he will give way to his new teams. And while it is true that these previous ones do not seem very prominent, the also rumored large iMac with M1 Pro and M1 Max chip would be.

We will remain attentive to any information that makes us continue collecting clues about the announcement and launch. And it is that we cannot rule out that they are presented by press release. In any case, it seems practically a fact that we will have news soon, since the company is already used to making its first presentations in the spring months.

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