They leak the design of the Intel Alchemist GPU, what secrets does it hide?

We have to bear in mind that although we use the significant GPU to refer to the graphics card, if we are picky then we will see that it is incorrect when referring to the graphics processor and not the whole set. However on a desktop PC you cannot run a Graphics Processor Unit without placing it on a separate PCB with its assigned VRAM memory. Either in the form of the classic PCI Express card for desktop or the classic MXM that is often used in gaming laptops.

So NVIDIA, AMD and Intel are forced to design and manufacture graphics cards that will serve so that companies that manufacture their own versions have a reference before creating the design with their own cooling technologies, backplate, quantity of phases and other elements. Well, those levels as reference cards often go on sale and sometimes not, but they become the flagship in the marketing of said architecture.

This is the reference design of Intel ARC Alchemist graphics cards

Intel could not be less than AMD and NVIDIA in its entry into the gaming graphics card market and that is why it will also have its reference or non-custom model, which in theory will be sold and distributed by Intel itself. This does not mean that other assemblers will not sell graphics cards with their design and brand as it happens with the GPUs of the current duopoly, but it can translate into a limited shipment for those who want to have one and for the OEM market of pre-built computers .

In any case, and before going into the details, we would like to clarify that this is a leak that comes from the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead and does not come from Intel itself, although it is clear that it is a controlled leak to demonstrate that the graphics card is finished and fully functional. Likewise, in order to get our hands on this reference model of the Intel ARC Alchemist, we will have to wait until next year, by the way clarifying that the images you are seeing belong to an industrial concept rendered in 3D.

Intel Alchemist Model Reference Render

And what can we highlight? Well, as you can see in the images above, apart from a color designed to be consistent with the corporate image adopted by the brand that Pat Gelsinger now directs, the first thing that strikes us is that it is a design of double fan. Which makes sense when you consider that the early models are going to compete against the NVIDIA RTX 3070 and the AMD RX 6700 XT.

If we go to the issue of the power socket in the Intel ARC Alchemist reference model we can observe a PCI Express 8 + 6 connector, so we are talking about a consumption of 225 W in total for this graphics card. These could be clues to a more advanced model in terms of specifications that could move through the orbit of the 300 W of consumption, which was mentioned by Intel recently.

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