They leak the first Z690 motherboard, it is ITX and it has various heights!

We are used that the first thing that leaks in terms of motherboards is either the mid-range models or the tops focused on high performance and especially on overclocking. In this case, the image transcends not because of the concept of the board itself, but because of the fact that ASUS has innovated in the concept of the ITX shape, since by reducing the size of the board, the physical space we have to implement new features is minimal. .

Z690-I Gaming Wi-Fi, vertical stacking on motherboards

The LGA1700 socket is going to change Intel’s anchors a bit to date, since it is somewhat longer than it is wide and with it motherboard manufacturers have had to adapt in their designs, losing a bit of vertical space. This is not a problem as such in most ATX models, but in ITX … Things get complicated.

ASUS ‘solution has been very simple: vertically stack several layers of PCBs so that they interconnect, offering different requirements.


The images offered are not really decisive, since they do not show much of the system, since the first shows its box and packaging, the second the plate seen from above where the heatsinks cover the interesting thing, and the last where the profile is observed. work of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Multiple M.2 slots?


Well, it seems that, although the image is not entirely enlightening. It seems that ASUS has arranged three vertical stacking levels where we could have the integrated sound card and two M.2 with their corresponding heatsinks and thermal pads.

At the top level it seems clear that it is intended to be for a high-performance M.2, at the middle level we see the 5V connector for ARGB, an internal 9-pin USB 2.0 connector, a PWM for fans and the Front panel for the box, as well as two capacitors that seem destined for the sound of it.

The lower level is a mystery, since it is hardly appreciated, but what we can see is that the PCIe slot for the GPU is pushed to the physical limit that the board allows. In addition to this, we see a fairly large cover as well as a good heatsink, which makes us think that the phase system will be

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