They murdered a couple when their children slept: it all started with a lawsuit between neighbors over the parking lot

What started as a lawsuit between neighbors over parking He finished in tragedy in Somerset, England: Aa married couple was stabbed to death inside your own home whiles her little four and seven year old sons were asleep at the top.

Jennifer and Stephen Chapple 33 and 34, respectively, lost their lives in the lower part of their house on the night of Sunday, November 21. According to neighbors of the family, they heard some screams that day and minutes later the residential area was full of vehicles of emergency services.

The Chapple were considered a very calm, kind and loving family, so his murder caused a commotion among the community of Norton Fitzwarren. Media such as The Mirror and Daily Mail reported that the children were not injured during the brutal attack, but they are shocked and very affected by what happened to their parents. Now they are under the care of a sister of their mother.

Stephen was Director of ICT at West Somerset Community College and they also used to share computer videos, while Jenny worked at a local garden center. Their loved ones, neighbors and friends have gathered at the home of the victims to place candles, farewell messages and other details in honor of both.

Why were they murdered?

Since the bodies of the Chapple spouses were found, authorities have maintained cordoned off the area and they carry out the corresponding investigations. According to local media, some neighbors have agreed to talk and some reported that for several days this family had a dispute over parking with the tenants of another house.

Derived from this, it was reported that there are two men arrested, a subject of his 67 years and his son, of 39, who lived near the couple and are the main suspects in the murder. According to preliminary information, one of them has a military background.

Although the police do not rule out that it is an isolated case, residents are concerned after learning that those involved had already contacted the authorities. Although it transpired that Stephen and Jennifer were stabbed to death, the official cause of both deaths will be known until the results of their autopsies arrive.


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