They predict the sale of about 100 million AirPods by 2022

Of course the figure of 100 million AirPods shipped It is one of those difficult figures to reach for many companies, Apple would be close to achieving the sale of this number of its popular headphones by 2022 according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi kuo.

The estimates of the companies may vary according to the market and in this case the Cupertino firm itself explained in the financial results conference held for investors that it was possible to reach 75 or 85 million shipments during 2021. These estimates could finally be between 70 or 75 million units shipped, but what does seem easy to reach is the figure of 100 million headphones by 2022, yes, adding all the ones it has in its product catalog, including Beats. .

On the other hand, the KGI analyst indicates in his predictions the possibility that Apple modify the H1 processor in the following headphones, using processors from the firm Mediatek to make the income much more profitable. And of course the sales figures will continue to be good despite the general cooling of the market by the time we find ourselves.

In addition, it must be taken into account that Beats Studio Buds headphones are or can be a good reef for Apple for many reasons. There is also talk of the possibility of a launch for this year of the AirPods and for next year of the second generation AirPods Pro, so reaching those 100 million devices sold does not seem so complicated for the Cupertino firm.

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