They present documentary “Ayotzinapa, the step of the turtle” in Rome, Italy

The Mexican Film Show in the city of Rome, Italy, where the documentary “Ayotzinapa, the step of the turtle“, from the director Enrique Garcia Table and that was produced by Bertha Navarrese who got the award BAFTA 2007 and Guillermo del Toro.

Cecilia blunt, artistic director of the Mexican Film Show, who stated that the presentation of the documentary that deals with the 43 normalista students who disappeared in 2014 who belonged to the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural School, “It will touch our hearts and make us reflect, but I believe that as a Mexican, Mexico is much more than the problems and that the most important thing through this film initiative is to give voice to those people who are in need and we want to be even a very small echo them. “

Was present Patrizia Mop up, representative of the National Association of Cinematographic Authors (ANAC), said that Mexican and Italian cinematography have an important antiquity and that both countries have many similarities, “both in problems and in beautiful things, we are Latinos”, adding that the cinema has a “very important role, proper to instruct, educate and preserve memory ”.

The director of the documentary, Enrique Table, who could not be present due to issues of the pandemic, sent a message where he said he felt that this film generated strong emotions, “it has been three years of filming, in contact with judges, and with many people from this environment of Ayotzinapa, I I would like to dedicate the screening to Don Berna, he is one of the parents who appears in the documentary, he has recently passed away, and he was a person who loved him well, as well as his family ”.

Enrique Table wants this documentary to provoke “a worldwide encouragement for the mothers and fathers of the 43, I would like them to talk about this, I do not know in what way, with gratitude, with affection, with anger, and with respect for finding the truth by the good of society and the world ”.

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