They promise to give you a discount, but they charge you 15 euros per month: be careful with this website

When buying online or contracting some type of service through the Internet, on many occasions we first do a market study. Naturally, we try to take advantage of existing discounts and save a few euros whenever possible. For this there are certain websites that try to make it easier.

Surely on more than one occasion we have come across certain web pages that They offer a number of their own coupons. for discounts in online stores. In addition, just by registering with them, we will have the possibility of taking advantage, in one way or another, of their own offers in those stores and platforms with which they are associated. For example, this is the case of the portal known as Privicompras or Privileges in Purchases.

So that you get a more approximate idea of ​​what we are telling you, here we have a website focused on independent online purchases from Ticketmaster. To its credit, it offers us around 500 online stores where we can take advantage of a multitude of discounts and exclusive and own advantages. However, as happens on so many occasions on certain online platforms that promise us discounts, in the end we are disappointed or disappointed.

In this case we are going to focus on the aforementioned coupons and discounts website, Privishopping. And it is that as we told you before, there are several of the platforms and stores compatible with this coupon and discount service. Its mode of operation is simple, when we make a purchase on one of the associated websites, it offers us a certain discount. Therefore and to take advantage of all this we have to register in Privicompras.

How the 15 euros per month disappear

But despite the fact that everything seems to be an advantage, this is where the trap that we refer to in these same lines comes into play. And it is that, at register on the aforementioned website of discounts, what we are actually accepting is that they charge us an amount of 15 euros per month to take advantage of the coupons exposed here.

privishopping cheating

It is quite possible that most users are initially unaware of the subscription and corresponding payment that they are accepting when registering. In fact, on many occasions several months pass before they realize that payment of 15 euros per month that is being passed through their bank account. Basically this means that what we thought at first was an interesting discount when buying online or contracting a service, in the end it is getting much more expensive.

If we move for a while through the aforementioned discounts and coupons website, even if it costs us a bit, in the end we end up discovering in the fine print of the subscription and payment of 15 euros that we are talking about. But it won’t be easy for you to find it. This means that when we carry out some type of registration on these types of pages, we should be much more pay attention to the fine print to avoid surprises and scares in the future.

Normally we ignore this important information and of course the platforms involved try to hide it as much as they can, as is the case.

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