They record on video colossal solar flare: “It will surely reach our planet”

A great solar flare It came out of the sun today, October 28, in the strongest storm so far in our star’s current weather cycle. It is an X1 event, a category assigned for the most powerful events, which occurred today, according to an alert from the US Space Weather Prediction Group, an institute that tracks space weather events.

Experts detailed that the eruption could generate a wide-area radio communications blackout for high-frequency signals: “The impact area consists of large portions of the sunlit side of Earth, stronger at the subsolar point, “the agency wrote in an email alert.

What could happen for the solar flare?

The most powerful Class X flares can interfere with radio and satellite communications and supercharge the displays of certain equipment. Such eruptions send charged particles from the sun at a speed of almost 1.6 million km / h or more, and they normally take a few days to reach Earth.

The flare appears to have originated from a sunspot called AR2887 currently positioned in the center of the sun and in front of the Earth, depending on its location. The sunspot was responsible for two moderate M-class solar flares earlier in the day, according to, which also tracks daily solar weather.

A new active sunspot, called AR2891, also recently fired an M-class flare while spinning toward the Earth-facing side of the sun. It is currently making its way across the face of the sun, as seen from Earth, a process that will take about two weeks. The sun is in the early days of its current solar activity cycle, each of which lasts 11 years. The current cycle, called solar cycle 25, started in December 2019.


Could Solar Storm Generate Massive Blackout? This is what scientists say


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