They record the cowardly attack of an assailant on the back of a woman in the subway: VIDEO

A brutal assault was captured by surveillance cameras in a subway station in New York, United States where you can see the moment when a man attacks a woman from behind who was standing on the platform waiting for the arrival of the train.

The events took place around 4:00 a.m. last Monday in 34th Street-Herald Square Station. In the clip of just over a minute, it is seen when the man slowly approaches the woman to surprise her with the attack on the hold her by the neck and subdue her.

The desperate woman tries to defend herself, but the man’s strength ends up subduing her so she was dragged more than ten feet as she tried to remove the hands of the man who was holding her tightly from her neck. After being thrown on the ground, the assailant began to beat her.

The attack occurred at a time when the inhabitants gradually began to return to their activities after the confinement produced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crime increases in NY on return to activities

Last week, the NYPD reported 60 serious crimes compared to 33 registered in the same week but in 2020 when the city experienced a historic decline in the use of public transportation, revealed the NY Post.

So far this year, the New York city has reported 408 serious attacks against the 313 that occurred in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic began.

The New York police released the image of the woman’s attacker as he was leaving the subway station waiting for someone to recognize him and report him.

With information from NY Post.


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