They save stranded dogs on La Palma

Everything was ready for the rescue with drones of four dogs that had been surrounded for days by the lava flows from the volcano that erupted more than a month ago on the Canary island of The Palm, but the operation was late: a group calling itself A-Team had already brought the animals to safety.

While preparations for the flight with cargo drones that had been devised to rescue the four podencos – a breed that has a native variety in these Spanish Atlantic islands – were being refined, one or more people entered that area and took the dogs out. without knowing anything about it yesterday.

“Fuerza La Palma. Dogs are fine: A Team”, is the message that someone left written on a canvas placed in the pond where the dogs had been seen days ago, as shown in a video probably uploaded by their authors last night at the YouTube social network.

“At least they have had humor,” replied Jaime Pereira, the CEO of Aerocámaras, the firm that had been preparing the drone operation for three days.

Already 24 hours ago they confessed surprised that they could not find the dogs, neither with thermal cameras, nor calling them with prizes that should attract them.

That the animals are fine, remains to be seen, but that the canvas shown in the YouTube video is in the pond where the podencos had taken refuge is something that Pereira has confirmed.

A-Team borrows its name from the famous 1980s television series starring a group of former soldiers working for just causes.

Aerocanarias confirms that the message of the alleged rescuers is in the pond where the dogs were, and that around there are footprints of people on the ash: irrefutable proof that someone entered there.

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