They sell and ship the new Core 12 CPUs by mistake and this happens

Two days, just two days after the official presentation of the new Intel processors and we already have the first anecdote about them. And it is that a famous online store has screwed up to the bottom, since it has sold several prior reservation Core 12 CPU and has sent them to their respective owners despite the fact that the official sale date is next November 4. What do you think happened? Then…

We are not going to enter the prices as such, since we already know them, although those figures are being increased in an impressive way in Europe, since we are already for more than 700 euros for the top of the Alder Lake range. i9-12900K, for instance. But this is not the important thing this time, since there are users who have had enough “cash” to get one or more processors and as such and given the error in sending the CPU that Newegg has had in the US. , you already have them in your power.

What happens when there is an error sending of a CPU?

Well, something between funny and regrettable, since three users in the country of freedom have “suffered” this problem. Specifically, it has been the Internet users Hyphnx, NoveltyNetwork and discovet11 which were contacted by the store at the moment in which it realized its error. The processors were already shipped and in the delivery process, so they did not have enough time to stop the shipment and the processors ended up reaching these three users.

What was the reaction from both sides? Well, of course, the new owners of the processors had an unexpected Halloween gift, so happy and happy, but the store went into panic mode, since there is an NDA by Intel signed and this means breaking said agreement in a flagrant way.

The shame ended in ridicule

CPU send error

Since the processors were delivered, Newegg couldn’t stop the inevitable and still tried. How? Through telephone calls and notifications to the three users they were urged “not to look for problems” and of course, not to publish any type of photo of the processors until the aforementioned date of the November 4th where the NDA falls.

What happened as a result of this? Well, what could be expected. When you forbid someone something you instinctively force them to do it, and this is what happened. The images began to be uploaded and to flood the network with this curious anecdote and the store had to put up with it because the product is obviously no longer legally owned.

Needless to say, threatening or coercing the user is never a good sign or a good image, but that due to a failure of one’s own to reach these terms … You could not expect anything else from the users of course. Now, Newegg will have to deal with Intel, since what is signed, as is our case with the products for analysis, has a contract that, if broken, could lead to legal action by the manufacturer.

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