They send their HP laptop to be repaired and find something surreal

The cover of laptops, normally, is made of ordinary plastic. This allows the laptop to be lighter, but at the same time it offers less resistance to small shocks from day to day. Several users have sent their HP laptop for repair their structure, but they have found a strange thing.

It is not very common to request the repair of the laptop’s structure, unless it has significant damage. The usual thing is to cover it with tape or fix it in a rather homemade way. If you’ve had noticeable damage, especially to the display hinge, it makes perfect sense to request a repair.

Disposing of unsold laptop remains

Multiple users with hp laptops they have sent to Official technical service their equipment for repair. According to users, their laptops had structural damage that did not affect the hardware. So they decided to pay for the company to fix the damage to their equipment.

It seems that several clients have made this request in February (we do not know the exact number). all would have 2019 HP laptops, so they are quite new. These would have pagado 1100 yuan, about 150 euros to change by changing the casing. Customers have received their equipment repaired and so far, nothing remarkable.

One of the users has decided remove the typical stickers which are added to the laptops, since they are worthless and bothered him or, simply, he wanted to remove them. When trying to remove one of these stickers part of the new laptop cover has come off, showing something curious.

Apparently, HP has hit a vinyl (of bad quality) on a wooden panel used to repair the laptop. This has caught the attention of users who have investigated whether it was just their thing or someone else happened to them. Apparently, there are several clients of the brand with this type of arrangement.

It seems that the technical service has pulled parts from an old laptop that you probably do not remember. In 2009, the HP Envy Wood, where the wrist rest was made from one piece of natural walnut It was not far from the rest of the laptops in the same range, only in this sense.

Everything indicates an excess of spare parts or that the laptops did not sell well and are used for parts.

hp envy wood laptop

HP’s response to this event

recap. The casing of my laptop has broken and I ask for it to be repaired. They change it and apparently my laptop comes back with the new casing. I’m going to remove the stickers and I rip off some shabby metallic-looking vinyl and find a natural walnut veneer.

I imagine that none of the users complain, since they have received a good quality product that would imply an additional cost for the laptop. But HP’s response to all of this is, admittedly, pretty surreal.

Within the comment area, the company has said that it will request the technical service to contact them. The logical thing would be to say, we had excess stock and they have been “graced” with this improvement. I don’t think anyone would be bothered by receiving a fashion finish instead of plastic.

Certainly, it is a rather unusual situation that suggests that premium products are sometimes good for marketing but do not interest people.

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