They send you an SMS to return your 2022 Income: be careful, it’s a trap

Only a few hours ago the new campaign of the Tax Agency began so that we can present the Rent 2022. As is usual at this time, cyber attackers try to take advantage of all this through various scams and scams, as we will see.

Every time we work with a greater amount of private and sensitive data through the Internet, which can sometimes represent a serious problem. This is something that of course is extended on these dates that we are commenting on when we present our annual income statement. A growing number of users make use of different platforms and online applications for all this.

Technology means that we can expedite the presentation of this official documentation and carry it all out comfortably from home. Likewise, we will also have to receive certain notifications and information through different digital pathways. One of the most common for years is the SMS that we receive on mobile phones. Well, we are telling you all this because at this moment the Civil Guard is warning us about a malicious campaign that supplants the Tax Agency.

He is informing us of all this through his official account on the social network Twitter so that we keep a sharp eye and do not fall into the trap.

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Civil Guard 🇪🇸

@Civil Guard

⚠️#AVISO❗Detected #smishing campaign via SMS that impersonates the #Tax Agency requesting information from your bank card for the refund of a tax or income from 2022. #NoPiques, their objective is to obtain your bank details👇


April 12, 2023 • 20:00

It must be taken into account that a multitude of citizens are waiting for the result of their declaration of the Rent 2022, especially if it has come out to return them. Hence, the attackers want to take advantage of this circumstance to steal certain and important bank details, as we are going to discuss now.

How to avoid this 2022 Income scam

As the Civil Guard itself informs us through its blue bird social network account, the scam begins with the receiving an SMS on the mobile. Supposedly it comes to us from the Tax Agency and wants to help us to receive the tax refund that corresponds to us. For this, the criminals request a series of personal data related to our bank account through a malicious link so that said refund can be made effective.

As many of you may already know firsthand, the Tax agency of our country would never ask us for this private data through a mobile message. In fact, when making the income statement itself, we already have to specify the corresponding Bank data. However, surely there are users who end up falling for it by providing those requested bank details and letting the attackers get away with it.

rent scam

Basically, what we want to tell you with all this is that you should be wary of and ignore this supposed SMS from the Tax Agency, since it is a scam. Apparently, the aforementioned scam is spreading significantly over the last few hours and we must be vigilant since it could reach our mobile phone at any time. In the event that this happens, we only have to ignore it and eliminate it from our terminal as soon as possible.

It is also recommended that we warn about this fact to the old people who are usually the most prone to fall into deception due to their ignorance of new technologies.

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