They transform a Sanyo radio into a Cyberdeck with Raspberry Pi

From Sanyo M2440H to Cyberdeck

Those of us who are already a certain age have grown up watching series and movies where devices were shown that, at that time, seemed the most of the most to us. Yes, computers and some other technological gadget that made us imagine an incredible future and very different from the one we know right now.

That is why, perhaps, it is understandable that proposals like this case for Raspberry Pi call us so much attention. Because on the one hand it fulfills that idea we had of what that would be like cyberpunk world that on more than one occasion we saw the only way to be the future and because right now it breaks with those aesthetic design pieces such as the Galaxy Z Flip3.

Built from a Sany M2440H cassette radioThis you are looking at is a case that not only integrates a Raspberry Pi inside, but also everything you need to be able to use it wherever you go thanks to its screen and a mechanical keyboard that has also been adapted to form part of the same whole. And the truth is that the result has been spectacular.

It is because it is not only a matter of taking advantage of the housing of said radio to place the Raspberry Pi inside, it also seeks to use some of the elements existing in it. For example, the analog volume measurement is the main reason for use. Its creator wants this to work accurately and is still working to calibrate it the way it wants. In addition to adding other elements, such as a strap, with which to transport it.

A project with great care

Creating such a case is undoubtedly very satisfying. But if you want to do well, not only is it enough to have patience and some knowledge on the subject, but also to put a lot of pampering on it and it seems that this Cyberdeck was not lacking at any time.

As told in The Cyberdeck Cafe, its author I had in mind to create it a long time ago. What’s more, he had even drawn on paper how he wanted to integrate the different elements. Obviously, it is not easy and in the published article he has some drawbacks that arose as he progressed. Like, for example, that the screen rubbed against the mechanical keyboard and scratched the panel.

Even so, and now seeing the result, it is true that more than one, to whom this type of project with Raspberry Pi attracts us so much, we only think right now about finding a radio of that type to be able to do something similar.

Of course he is not the only one who has caught our attention, others like this Cyberdeck RA01 already managed to surprise us at the time. Like Ready! Model 100

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