They turn PlayDate into a machine to watch Tenet at your own pace

Tenet It is one of the most interesting films that we have released in cinemas since the confinement ended, and proof of this is that still today many wonder what is happening during its more than two and a half hours that it lasts, so they wish they had a way to experience it at their own pace and try to rewind and fast-forward the action to discover exactly how those temporary mini-journeys on which its story is based are possible.

Turn Tenet’s crank

With the above in mind, a user has published on his social networks a fun trick that he has developed to watch Tenet as we please, choosing whether to fast-forward or rewind the film and, most important of all, apply the most appropriate speed to it: faster or slower depending on the scene in which we find ourselves. Now, what device on the market allows us such precise control to obtain such reliable results? The answer is only one: PlayDate.

For those of you who just found out, PlayDate is the name of a kind of Game Boy launched in the year 2022 that has the quality of not having batteries or a battery, since it receives its energy from a rope like that of old clocks, or some toys that moved after turning a small crank. Do you remember a projector called Cinexin and that allowed us to watch movies while we turned a lever through which we advanced the film inserted inside a cassette? Well the same, but with Tenet on the screen.

finally getting around to watching Tenet the way chris nolan intended. what an incredible film.

— jae (@jkap) May 1, 2022

Indeed, one of the qualities of PlayDate has served to Tenet a little more understandable for those who have seen it and still do not understand how the logic of time works in Christopher Nolan’s film, so you can enjoy some scenes backwards or forwards as you like, also speeding up the action or slowing it down to catch those little details that the British director left us in his 2020 film.

Is that how Nolan envisioned it?

Jae, the user who has published this new way of seeing on social networks Tenet he believes that something like this is what Christopher Nolan always dreamed of to allow viewers to really enjoy his film. At the end of the day (and watch out for SPOILERS) everything the argument plays with the sense of entropy of objects and how it is possible to change the direction in which we move to, in some way, travel to the past in a very limited way.

PlayDate and Tenet.

Having a little lever like the one that PlayDate presumes is still the perfect resource to move the action in the direction that we like the most, or that the body asks us for, in each of the scenes of the movie. For example the incident of the Boeing 747 in the free port, or the final battle and, of course, that protagonist’s discovery of how things are the first time it is reversed. Don’t you remember?

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