They will give millions to a man victim of reverse discrimination: they replaced him with a black woman at work

A man who worked as Vice President of Marketing and Communications in an American medical services company it was fired in 2018 and now will receive a compensation of 10 million dollars (about 202 million Mexican pesos) because a jury determined this October 26 that it was victim of “reverse discrimination”.

Although this is a term that does not exist, according to activists and human rights defenders, white people often use it to say that they are discriminated by their skin color, primarily by African American, Latino, or Asian people; or in the case of men, when they accuse that are replaced by women.

In the case of David duvall, former employee of Novant Health, accused that for no reason they fired him and put two women in his place, ornone of them of black racea, “just for meet an inclusion and diversity quota“.

The man, who had been working at the company since 2013, was fired three years ago and his position was divided into two: the Directorate of Public Relations and Communications was awarded to Kate everett; while the Marketing direction was assigned to Katy free, who is African American.

So man argued that he had been fired for being a man and for being whiteIn addition, he received a lower settlement than he said he deserved for almost five years with the company; He also maintained that both directors were good at their jobs, but were not as qualified as he to carry out their new functions.

The judge agreed with him although the company explained why they fired him

David Duvall argued throughout that he had never received bad comments about his work and that even several executives were surprised by his departure; Nevertheless, the company said his dismissal was due to poor performance, since in reality Kate Everett was the one who did all the work for him and therefore it was natural that at some point they would promote her.

Likewise, Novant Health denied the version offered by the plaintiff’s lawyers, stating that more white men had been fired for gender and inclusion issues; however, he also did not explain the reasons why these other subjects were dispensed with.

Despite the responses offered by the company during the hearing, the jury ruled in favor of Duvall and determined that he was a victim of “reverse discrimination” three years ago and that the damage should be repaired; In this regard, the company said it was disappointed by the verdict and is likely to challenge the decision.

With information from Daily Mail


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