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You are clear about it, you need a new television for your SME, but you have doubts about which model you should choose, and what characteristics it should meet. Don’t worry, it’s normal, with the growing supply of models framed in different ranges and prices, choosing has become increasingly difficult.

For this reason, we have encouraged ourselves to make this article where you will find a series of basic tips that will help you make the right purchase of your new television. Note that we are not going to touch on specific aspects of SMEs engaged in specific activities, we are only going to give a general approach that will work for any medium profile.

All the keys that we are going to explain below are ordered by importance, so the ideal is that

  1. Panel type: any television uses a panel with a certain technology. The majority of current televisions scratch at a good level in this sense, thanks to Nanocell and QLED technologies, but if we want to enjoy the best of the sector we must opt ​​for an OLED panel.
  2. Screen size: It is a subject that must be adjusted according to the use that we are going to give to television. If we are going to use it to make exposures at a considerable distance, and with a significant number of spectators, we should look for models of more than 50 inches. On the other hand, if you are going to have other types of more limited uses, a panel of 40 to 50 inches may be enough.
  3. Screen resolution: the 4K format has been standardized, but for certain situations it may be better to buy a television with 1080p or even 720p resolution (FullHD and HD, respectively). If the TV is going to have a small screen size, or if it is going to be used by a single person at a close distance, 1080p is a perfectly viable resolution.
  4. Performance and user experience: it is a difficult aspect to assess, since we need to test the television before buying it. Therefore, it is advisable to look for stores that have models on display and use their main applications, including, of course, the Internet browser.
  5. Connectivity and sound: It is important to make sure that the television that we are going to buy has all the connections that we are going to need, and that it offers a sound that meets our expectations, since otherwise we may have to accompany it with a sound bar.
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