Things you can’t do with an AirTag

AirTags are one of the most niche products that Apple has within its entire catalog, that is, they fulfill a very specific function. Well, although there are different ways to use these small devices, there are also other actions that are impossible to perform with them, and this is exactly what we are going to talk about in this post.

AirTag Limitations

As you well know, when configuring an AirTag, they have a primary function, and that is to help you find, in case of loss, different objects to which you can attach them. However, many people really confuse what can and cannot be done with these devices, so here we are going to tell you three things that it is impossible for you to do with these gadgets.

  • The main drawback that AirTags have is that they are not GPS locators, therefore, given the way they work, they cannot emit a signal consistently so that you know every second its real location. AirTags send their positioning through the different Apple devices around them, and what’s more, they do it in different time slots, so you can never know for sure that the location that marks you is the one where it is. right now.
  • you can’t either recharge the AirTag battery, since these work through a button battery. Therefore, when it runs out, what you will have to do is change it for a new one.
  • One of the most common uses is use the AirTag next to the keyswell, to be able to carry out this action you have to go through the box yes or yes, since to be able to attach it you will need an accessory that allows it.

Things you shouldn’t do

We have already told you three actions that you cannot carry out with an AirTag, however, there are others that you can carry out, but that you should not, either because you could be committing a crime or, even, you could be doing something that you are not it will do you no good. Here we tell you the two most common that you have to know.

  • One of the fears and questions that users had and have in relation to the use of these devices is the fact that they can be used to track and locate, without permission, the location of other people. Despite the fact that with complete certainty, if you carry out this action you will end up being discovered, since Apple has already developed the necessary mechanisms so that the hypothetical person who would be the object of tracking receives a notification on their smartphone notifying them of it, you also have to take into account It tells just what we have told you at the beginning of this post, that AirTags are not GPS locators.

AirTag from behind

  • Another use that many users thought of making these devices was to always keep your pets located. It really makes little sense just because of the way AirTags work, because unless your pet stays in the same place for a long time, you will never be able to know 100% where he is.

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