Thinking of buying something for your PC at Christmas? There may be no stock

We are about to pass the first phase of the pandemic, the health one, where Spain is one of the leading countries in vaccination, but the second stage is another story, where it also affects the entire globe equally. Logically we are talking about the economic recovery phase, where there is no country in the world that has not been harmed and which has brought us this crisis of shortage of chips. We are paying the consequences, but the worst has not yet come …

What’s Next: No Chips, But Supply Chain Delays


We have surely said everything about the shortage of chips today, it is rare to find the week where there is no varied news on this topic that is so interesting, since it is reducing prices and stock. On the other hand, there is less talk about the supply chain, but it is just as fundamental and this article is based on this, since once the first has been solved, we have to correct the second.

Although the shortage of chips has an end date, the shortage of supplies has no prospect of ending. The machinery is at full throttle and the rope is taut, there are no qualified workers in the main companies in the sector and now there are no steel and transport containers available either. This is causing such a gigantic traffic jam that there is already talk of the transport crisis in some sectors.

The chip stock crisis: no transportation available

tariff war

When the world stopped, the supply chain left an abysmal number of containers at the loading docks, the ships did the same and therefore hardly anything moved by sea or by train. This logically created a demand for products totally overwhelmed and never seen, where after months and months of logistics and investment the number of containers increased, allowing large companies and manufacturers to send their PC products to the market and stores around the world.

The problem? Demand continues to be so high that currently the number of containers is so large that they are stranded on ships waiting for the ports to work those that have been unloaded. Now we already have chips to a greater or lesser extent, but there is a logistics problem that will prevent the vast majority from arriving in time to fill shelves, so a processor, a graphics card or a keyboard cannot get from point A to B. (

This injects more pressure into the supply chain, which is why manufacturers launch the warning: we must plan purchases in advance and also be open to purchasing an alternative to the product we are looking for, since they may not be available even for Black Friday not for Christmas. Therefore, if you have something you need or want in hand, it may be a good time to buy it rather than wait and be left with nothing for months or longer.

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